Church v. State

Today, 43 separate Catholic institutions filed suit against the federal government challenging it’s mandate that all such institutions must provide health insurance that covers abortion inducing drugs, sterilization and contraceptives.  This mandate violates the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Read more

If the infant Christ was God why couldn’t he speak?

Generally I spend my afternoons sleeping, or you can probably understand,   praying. All running through the Internet I came across this fabulous column@the website, under the Patheos Catholic section. The author, Marc, does a beautiful job not just explaining the answer to that question but the majesty and the glory of what really takes place on that Christmas morning. I’m going to highlight my favorite section and I’ll be reading it in the morning. but please take the time to read the entire article. Read more

Homer Simpson … a Catholic

Egads. Really? Doh! I sure hope this isn’t a head fake, but then again, why not? Read more

Sotomayor is (gulp) … a Catholic – Part 3

It’s now officially out of hand.  We saw this coming a week ago when we just happened to catch liberal talk show host Bill Press bring it up. We made fun of it then, hardly believing that this would either be a plus in bringing Catholics on board … or a minus. But we so underestimated it all, because we never saw the abortion issue coming.

First the AP chimed in here … calming liberal fears by assuring all she may be a Catholic … but not really a Catholic. Now even the Catholics says she’s not really a Catholic … well practicing… which is why Dianne Feinstein is “way on board.”

The only thing no one has mentioned is … the Supreme Court has too many Catholics …. way out of proportion with the population …. UNTIL NOW.


OK … stop it … now. Let’s be clear … she’s Catholic … but not too Catholic and thus will not upset the court balance … OK? Or will she? Oooooooooh.