Romney clinches GOP nomination, one week before Obama’s 2008 primary run

Not that this makes much of a difference, but the media has been telling you the fight between Gov. Mit Romney, Rep. Ron Paul, Sen. Rick Santorum and Speaker Newt Gingrich was and could drag on forever, and was certainly damaging the eventual nominee. Of course, compared to the fight between then-Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama…

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Obama’s approach: Campaign, never mind about governing

President Obama has figured out his approach to winning the 2012 election. Run against Congress.

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I had no idea there was a military draft in Puerto Rico

There seems to be a bit of backlash coming from Democrat lawmakers in Puerto Rico after President Obama’s visit to the island nation last week. I’m not talking about Democrats here in the US, rather Democrats in the island’s pro-statehood ruling party.

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Obama continues to fight – needs cash to rebuild grassroots movement

We’ve got mail. Mitch Stewart from Organizing for Obama/America sent out a standard fundraising e-mail today looking for donations to get started with the campaign. The campaign never stopped… Read more

Obama heckled for three minutes concerning AIDS funding, lies (Video)

On the election stump for Dick Blumenthal today in Bridgeport, Conn., President Obama lost control of a portion of his audience for three minutes. It’s not surprising folks show up and disrupt events, but what is surprising is his response to the Global AIDS Alliance protesters. Well, maybe not so much.

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Former Connecticut Democrat Chairman to Obama and Pelosi: Ummm, stay home, please! Update: Where are they welcome?

The former Chairman of Connecticut’s Democrat Party can read the handwriting on the wall … even in the second most liberal state in the nation. But I’m telling you folks, when he yanks the welcome mat, it’s more than just news. Read more

Some unique campaign promises

The approval rating of Congress seems to be at or near an all time low.  Americans are disgusted with the policies, the procedures and the apparent aloofness displayed by our elected officials on a daily basis.

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