Calif. Insurance Commissioner shocked at huge increases in 2014 health insurance premiums

How could this have happened? Premium increases between 22 and 88 percent? Let me say this upfront: California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones is either a dunce who does not know what he’s talking about, or he’s a liberal political hack who can’t wait to get a job in the upcoming government socialized health care operation.

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Birds incinerated by solar farms in California

Not unexpected. After reading the headlines, are ya having flashbacks of playing with a magnifying glass when you were a kid? A report released by the National Fish & Wildlife Forensics Laboratory indicates birds and insects are being torched by massive mirrors at solar plants in southern California.

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Prop 8 supporter information was not leaked by IRS

I just noticed Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit references a post at PJ Media, First Things and other sites suggesting the donation information concerning Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich in support of Proposition 8 in California back in 2008. The implication the information was leaked by the government is totally wrong.

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Callifornia wants 3% of income for your “future retirement needs”

I guess in the real world of California, residents don’t have the capacity to figure out they may need some money saved up if they want to retire at some point. Trust me, your going to see more of this in the future … states creating retirement savings programs they control for you to dish out as they please in the future.

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Physician shortage in California leads lawmakers to consider new definition of “doctor”

More than three years ago, this website told you about the physician shortage that would be coming and we’re starting to see reaction from states as the problem becomes noticeable. California is suggesting regulation changes to expand responsibilities of nurses, physician assistants and other health care providers when it comes to patient care.

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Why are people leaving California, and, who are they?

We did a post recently about the problems of the California pension system.  That prompted a somewhat lively discussion in the comments section about the population of California.  Thanks to those comments, I was reminded of an article I read several months ago that is “exactly on point”, as we lawyers say. Read more

Yet another reason to leave California while you can

On the heels of learning that three California cities either have, or are considering filing for bankruptcy, yesterday’s USA Today had an interesting blurb on Calpers, California’s pension trust fund.  I will quote it in its entirety. Read more

What happens when you run out of other people’s money?

Today, San Bernandino, California filed for bankruptcy.  This follows on the heels of the June bankruptcy filing for Stockton, California, and the July 4 filing for Mammoth Lakes, California. Read more

California government corruption: State raids fund dedicated to 9/11 victims and anti-terror projects

Corruption at the state level continues in California; and it’s been going on for years. The California Department of Motor Vehicles promoted special memorial vehicle plates as a special purchase where 15 percent of proceeds would go into a scholarship fund for the children of 9/11 victims, and 85 percent would go to anti-terrorism efforts in the state. They lied. Only 1.5 percent has gone to the scholarship fund.

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LA Police chief supports drivers licenses for illegal aliens

Goodness grief. The chief’s reasoning is nothing they have been doing to reduce the number of illegal aliens illegally driving cars has worked. So they might as well give up and offer them a drivers license.

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