Lefty quandary: Blame Bush … or ask for help? Update- Ed Morrissey and Wyndeward

It is so hard to be a lefty these days. No, not because of their loyal stance to statism. I think they are wrong, especially when it comes to economics but … they are entitled to their opinion. No, it’s hard because of all of the self inflicted wounds by Democrat politicians. Case in point … the Ground Zero Mosque. They get forced into a corner, come down on the wrong side … try to work their way out and end up having to decide: Blame Bush or ask for his help. Yikes! Read more

The Gulf oil spill: It’s Bush’s fault … continuuuuued

The Sunday Morning talk shows were a blame game fest and frankly at this point it’s become obnoxious. Don’t you think. But the facts are simple … someone should tell these clowns Bush is not in charge of the clean-up … Obama is. He said so. Read more