The Obama Price Tag

Tomorrow is election day.  Are you ready?  Are you still undecided?  Well perhaps this may just put some things into perspective for you. Read more

Must see video: Cong. Trey Gowdy tells Democrats to “bring it” in Fast and Furious case

If you watch nothing else today make sure you watch this video by Congressman Trey Gabby from South Carolina. In just a few short minutes he is able to explain exactly what is at stake in the contempt of Congress charges being filed against Atty. Gen. Eric Holder. In fact he does it so well there is no need to watch anything else. Read more

Unbecoming of an Officer…in this case the Secret Service

The Obama administration seem to be grasping at straws.  Clutching and clawing at any idea to keep the White House
out of the hands of  former Governor Mitt Romney.  Amid the scandals of the Secret Service, lets be clear that there have been
incidences under prior administrations, George W. Bush and even Bill Clinton. Read more

Fundraising from the White House: compare and contrast

I’m not sure this is much different than using coffees in the White House, or renting out the Lincoln bedroom as a way of raising funds for a political campaign. But it’s a stretch to say what Pres. Obama is doing right now to raise money for the Democratic Party is the same as what George Bush did and Ronald Reagan did. Video to compare and contrast below the fold. Read more

Rumsfeld details how Bush built up special operations unit. Obama says thank you.

Okay that last part was just to get your attention. But if President Obama were being truthful he’d be giving a big Obama fist pump right now to Bush 43. He knows it. Now you know it. Read more

Biden to Bush: You deserve a lot of credit Mr President

OK, hell has frozen over. It’s snowing in Miami. Global warming has ended. I play the violin like Elana James … ummm … quick, jump in, everyone. Your wildest dreams can now come true. Vice President Joe Biden to former President George W. Bush … “Thank you Mr President”. Read more

Lefty quandary: Blame Bush … or ask for help? Update- Ed Morrissey and Wyndeward

It is so hard to be a lefty these days. No, not because of their loyal stance to statism. I think they are wrong, especially when it comes to economics but … they are entitled to their opinion. No, it’s hard because of all of the self inflicted wounds by Democrat politicians. Case in point … the Ground Zero Mosque. They get forced into a corner, come down on the wrong side … try to work their way out and end up having to decide: Blame Bush or ask for his help. Yikes! Read more

Speaking of George W. Bush…

Jim devoted considerable time today in both his posts, and on his show to a “miss me yet” theme about President Bush. Last week I received an e-mail from a good friend about “W”.  Luckily I saved it, so I can share it with you. Read more

Bush vs Obama: The deficit

Thanks to Jim Hoft, who just loves economics, we are able to continually track “The One’s” progress on deficit spending vs the lies spread by the lefites. Miss him yet? Read more

Larry Elder on “”Cowboy’s” successor and the middle east

He’s the best. The best at cutting through the crap that’s out there. He’s my talk show hero. And he’s here with some great analysis. Read more