Britt Hume and Juan Williams get it on: It’s not about trying, it’s about results

With lefties it’s always about trying. Whether it’s Little League or the Big Leagues, trying is the thing. Results? That’s for mean spirited conservatives and conservatarians. Juan Williams and Mara Liasson try to make the case that if Obama just explained more or better or something, he would have the support of the American people. That’s just a little too much for Britt Hume. Game on. Read more

The stimulus pulls an o fer! Didn’t stop the recession and create jobs

I run this in light of the resignation of yet another Obama economic guru … Larry Summers. It’s a great analysis of how the stimulus didn’t solve anything other than fatten the pockets of Washington elites. But then if you are unemployed … you already knew that. Read more

Did He Laugh?

Silly I know … but the Wanda Sykes thing is worth at least one post. Here’s video whacking Rush Limbaugh. Funny? Ummm, no. But the real question is … why did the President laugh? Hmmm. Or did he? Some say he was just being polite. Polite? You judge.


Here’s Press Secretary Gibbs reponse to this yesterday. Hot Air has a nice commentary on this … I am with them.


and here’s Britt Hume’s response. I’m with him.


You be the judge.