Another liberal who has not read the Arizona illegal immigration law

This is just too much. How a wizard of smart can appear on a Sunday Morning Talk show to talk about illegal immigration and not have read the law. I love Kirsten Powers because she is generally pragmatic, but clearly when you get into a smack down with Brit Hume, you had better know your stuff. Or, in this case, did she know her stuff but rather exposed her bias? Read more

Hume and Williams mix it up over torture on Fox News Sunday

Hume asks what good can it do to tell the enemy what we do and don’t do. Juan Williams’ response … exactly Britt. No need for a big explanation just watch and enjoy.


Make Everyone Equally Poor – Update – Rush

The graphic at the beginning of this clip is stunning. Obama’s tax proposals will tax the wealthy one trillion new dollars over a ten year period. So Brit Hume and Juan Williams duke it out over the merits of this kind of taxation … with Brit asking the relevant question I think.


I am all about the responsibility, in a society such as ours, for those who have, to pay a fair share to fund the government. But when government runs its programs without regard for cost and continues to lean on one segment of the population, the earners, eventually you either discourage earners, or drive them underground. Either way, to discourage wealth is to discourage economic growth and i becomes counterproductive.

Update: Here’s what Rush Limbaugh had to say about this at CPAC. It is a very good clip and the most watched of his clips that I have posted.