London-based think tank – ships defending themselves not a good idea

Roger Middleton, a self-described piracy expert at the left of center Chatham House in London, thinks it’s bad business for American ships to arm themselves to repel pirates. Criminal pirates from Somalia have taken many hostages and in doing so, have found most countries and ship owners willing to pay millions in ransom. Not so much anymore.

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Obama administration to support offshore drilling… in Brazil

President Obama has elected to underwrite the cost of offshore drilling – in Brazil – with funds from the U.S. Treasury. So much for working to create energy independence.

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Brazilian Official Lies About Lost Tribe – Media Soaks Up Story

A Brazilian official – working for the Brazilian Indian Protection Agency – has been caught creating a news story to promote an environmental cause. There is nothing new here, the drive-by-media loves a story that fits the liberal agenda.

In this case, a government official took photographs during an expedition flight over the Amazon, documenting Indians from one of the “world’s last uncontacted tribes”. The problem is that the tribe had been monitored for decades and the environmentalist lied to promote his “don’t cut down the trees” agenda.

News organizations fell for the story, with out any fact checking at all. Gee, that never happens.

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