Obligatory Video: More chanting children, this time in Wisconsin

“Children, united … we’ll never be divided.” Of course, this is what I refer to as brainwashing, and kids this age are easily “reconfigured.” They have no idea what they are doing, other than making their parents and teachers smile. Whether brainwashing kids at Westboro Baptist or this … totally wrong.

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Energy company launches site to brainwash kids

There are two strategies working for the environmental wacko crowd. There is the quick rebranding of the initiative from global warming to climate change, and the efforts to brainwash kids. Brainwashing clearly falls into the immoral category when it comes to teaching kids.

I’m not sure how else I can describe it. Yes, temperatures fluctuate. That’s been happening to the earth forever; directly linked to natural events like volcanoes and the sun’s activity. How can we expect to build a strong, independent, caring society when leaders begin education with brainwashing? Read more