What will Costas say tonight?

Last Sunday evening during halftime, NBC football analyst, Bob Costas, commented on the tragedy in Kansas City where a Chiefs’ football player killed his girlfriend and then killed himself with a firearm.  He used this tragedy to advocate gun control.  He left me with the impression that if we just banned guns in this country (or, perhaps, put tighter controls on them) this tragedy would never have happened. Read more

Bob Costas backpedals on gun control through a spokesman

I’m pretty certain the next thing we will hear from Bob Costas’ spokesman is that he has received death threats*. Late yesterday afternoon, we heard from a spokesman that Costas really did not say what we all heard him say.

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Murder-suicides do have something in common – it’s not firearms

Do you think America is ready for “the discussion?” No, I’m not talking about dissolving the 2nd Amendment to take handguns away from private citizens. It’s time we have an honest discussion on how we identify and treat mental illness.

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