Luntz Focus Group in Connecticut: At least she’s created jobs

Sure doesn’t sound like a 15 point lead to me. Frank Luntz brought his focus group to Connecticut last night to get Connecticans response to the McMahon/Blumy race. Frankly, I was a little shocked. Read more

Finally, the Blumenthal “How do you create a job?” commercial

I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting … and , well, the wait is over. He’s been given many an opportunity to explain how jobs are created and the result is this, Enjoy.

Read more

Blumenthal in trouble … you betcha!

No it’s not just the polls. Although the Rasmussen and Q Polls certainly indicate he is. It’s the way the Media and the DSCC are reacting, kinda like stuck pigs. Oink! Read more

Blumenthal on how jobs are created: I’m not going to DC to be an entrepreneur – UPDATE: Blumenthal’s Beauty Pageant Moment

Not the only sign of the great divide between the people and the power, but one of the best. Hey small business, I’m on your side even if I don’t know a thing about what you do. Read more

Smack Down: Connecticut US Senate race a dead heat UPDATE: Let’s get ready to rumble

Gulp! She’s got him in a hammer lock. He’s down. There’s one shoulder on the mat. Ooooooooooh, the Attorney General is looking for someone to tag. Linda McMahon continues to prove the experts (other than moi) wrong, wrong, wrong and more proof that even in Connecticut, no Democrat is safe. Read more

Obama to Connecticut: This election should be a no brainer

Well, it is, just not how the President imagines it. Obama campaigned in Connecticut last night to raise funds from Connecticut’s “wealthy” for Democrat candidate Dick Blumenthal. With a 70% like-ability factor in the state, it should be a layup but its not. But a “no brainer” it is. Read more

Good news for Blumenthal: 9th circuit says lying about service not illegal Update

Yesterday, the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued a 2-1 opinion involving the Stolen Valor Act.  That law made it a federal crime to represent that you had received a medal while serving in the military when you hadn’t. Read more

Game on: Linda vs Dick

She ran away with the primary and she’s gaining on the man who would create jobs by suing businesses. It’s gunna be delicious. I may be the only one saying this … but I smell Scott Brown and my guess is Blumy does too. Read more

Judge cuts award to woman sued by Blumenthal

This was just about the ugliest case I can think of from an AG. Well other than suing the Big East and cereal boxes. Here’s the background first … and a Hat Tip to Rick. I actually read Facebook this morning. Heh! Read more

Blumenthal still up 20 … McMahon closes but negatives power the numbers

Egads … if she can’t close faster then this … the Republicans are in trouble, which they may be anyway. I have not gone through all of the internals, but there are two ways to look at this. First as we get closer to November, people are beginning to look a little closer at the “suit”. But you can’t beat someone with no one and while McMahon’s Positives are way up and negatives are way down, Blumenthal’s positives are way, way up. Read more