Malloy, I need more money for transportation Projects

Governor Malloy thinks that congress is crazy for failing to approve a long term transportation bill that would help fix
update roads and bridges right here in Connecticut.  On the plans are the replacement of the I-84 corridor in Hartford.
Projects already slated to begin work are the Q-Bridge, The Moses Wheeler Bridge and of course the Bus-way from New Britain to Hartford. Read more

Oops: Blumenthal strikes again … then his staff threatens a reporter for reporting

We have to stop excusing these kind of “misstatements” and then maybe we should consider using the term “The Chicago Way” and changing it to “The Connecticut Way”. Progress. Read more

Blumenthal to Tom Brokaw … We Have “Failed To Keep Faith” With Our Veterans

From RCP, some might consider this, irony? The man who himself, failed to keep faith with veterans, repeatedly, is now lecturing the nation on honesty? My take below the fold but I must tell you I have mixed emotions on this. Tell me where I am wrong. Read more

Polling for Dummies

Over the last couple months, there has been a great many poll numbers flying about, with this candidate up and that candidate down or vice versa.  Now, without getting into the actual mathematical and statistical details, these polls, contrary to popular belief, do not give you a precise answer.  They may not even give you an accurate answer.  To understand what they are really telling you, you  have to understand the lingo. Read more

McMahon closing fast … aide says it all depends on turnout now

There you go. It depends on the little “mobsters”. Can’t say I am surprised. The latest Rasmussen poll demonstrates a dramatic turnaround for Republican Senate Candidate Linda McMahon especially with independents. Details below the fold. Read more

Red State: Chris Murphy, Dick Blumenthal, and the Terror Threats

When Erick Erickson is on your case … case closed. A magnificent post from one of the most respected bloggers on the Internet. Thanks Erick. Read more

WWE Shirts … yes we can

It was really a silly stupid, almost moronic suggestion on the part of the Secretary of State and it took a lawsuit to get it stopped in its tracks. No silly, the AG passed on this “freedom of speech” issue. Read more

Blumenthal: Guilty until proven innocent

We’ll hold the trial in the morning and hang em before noon. The “jobs” Senator. “You are out of business. You are dead” Read more

Connecticut Republicans file complaint against Blumenthal campaign

Consider this a follow up to yesterday’s latest Blumenthal strategy post. As we told you, the Republicans have filed a complaint filed with the FEC. Not sure this is going anywhere, but it should. Read more

Blumenthal’s “October Surprise” revealed … sleaze

The Politico is reporting that Richard Blumenthal is coordinating with Planned Parenthood on what can only be called the sleaziest October surprise in Connecticut political campaign history. Dig up photos on women in the WWE … the sleezier the better … and put em in an add to hammer Linda? Nice. Read more