Today’s version of “let them eat cake” Update

Government is good, big government is better…unless, of course you need government’s help. Read more

We Will Control the Horizontal

I have read the United States Constitution on more than one occasion.  I have read it just to read it.
I have read it looking for specific information, and no where on that document does it say
anything about government making life changing decisions on my behalf. Read more

You are the real tax target

While the President is campaigning on “tax the rich” you need to understand that it is you, not the rich, that are the ultimate focus of the Democrat’s plan. Read more

Bloomberg: Donated food not good enough in New York City

You see, the government is the only group that is qualified enough to cook and provide food at facilities service New York Cities homeless.

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Bloomberg – Hey, maybe that Times Square bomber didn’t like healthcare or something

First we were told they were looking for a white guy in his forties. Get it? Looking for another angry white guy. Then it was an angry white guy who acted alone … who was deranged, like maybe a tea party guy who didn’t like health care. Bloomberg looks like an idiot. From last night’s CBS Evening News. Hat Tip – Hot Air


OK, so he wasn’t an angry white guy. Ok, so maybe he has international terrorist connections and he didn’t act alone. OK. so maybe it was a plot that New York missed by a country mile. Aa Mark Twain once said, better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re an idiot then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

AP at Hot Air adds this:

He knows full well which way the investigation is pointing but he’s too gutless to mention it as a possibility. The latest: The joint terrorism task force has taken over the case and the “person of interest,” who’s been missing since Saturday night, is apparently a “naturalized American citizen who hails from Pakistan and just returned after spending five months there.”


Schwarzenegger and Bloomberg whack Obamacare

Trouble in paradise? Is this just the begnning of state and city blowback on the Nelson payoff. Hmmmm? Is it? The countries two best know Republican liberals are already pushing back against the Senate/ House/ Obama Health bill that they know will cost them plenty. Period. Read more

Wal-Mart’s New Gun Sales Policy – Value? Nothing

Wal-Mart had to do something. Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City is on a crusade and taking tips from Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson on how to bully corporations for political gain. That’s simply what this is about, what looks good for elitists like Bloomberg.

I understand that Bloomberg and his like want to keep criminals from getting firearms, but we all know that criminals do not walk into Wal-Mart – or any other dealer – to buy their weapon of choice legally. This is a pure publicity stunt, specifically designed to get the world’s largest retailer to give up selling firearms and ammunition. Read more