Georgetown: We’re not changing birth control coverage policy

As I noted on March 4, Sandra Fluke mentioned in her own testimony that Georgetown University does provide coverage for students who need prescriptions – including birth control – for health reasons unrelated to birth control. Georgetown confirmed that position this week.

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The new hyphenated American

That would be the woman-American.  Read more

Birth control, the President and Cardinal Dolan

Every Saturday the Wall Street Journal runs a piece called The Weekend Interview.  Last Saturday, the interviewee was Cardinal Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Bishops. You can read the entire piece here. Read more

Cost for birth control pills near Georgetown? $9 at Target

Sandra Fluke’s testimony in front of Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) panel in Washington, D.C. was made up drivel designed to whip up the political left into fiegned outrage. Fluke has been used by the left, and I hope she understands that.

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Obama gives Catholics one more year to change a fundamental belief

The audacity of a ruling of this type could only come from the Obama administration.  Read more

Obamacare marches on

While we are all consumed with the subject of debt, deficit, and spending, the Obama administration, in two unrelated actions, has decided to throw grandma off the cliff, and, to make your health insurance more expensive. Read more