Juan Williams and Bill Kristol duke it out: 50 seats is a narrow victory.

Ahh, it sure is nice to have Juan back on the left again, and in this bite Bill Kristol is ready to step in and call Juan on this ridiculous statement. At stake …. a steak. Read on, my friends. Read more

Bill Kristol and Juan Williams “bring it” on AZ immigration bill.

At issue, the Arizona immigration bill that allows police, with “reasonable suspicion” to check ID’s of people it suspects as being the country illegally. There is little question Arizona’s hand has been forced on this bill. Crime, reportedly has risen dramatically, not to mention the strain on  health care services being provided by hospitals that can ill afford the added expense. Read more

Torture memos: NOT a dark and painful chapter in our history

Twenty-four hours have passed since the so-called torture memos have been released and as I expected, it’s not a story that has gone viral. Plenty of coverage, but not oh-my-God kind of coverage.

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