The going price of betrayal…

… has gone up a great deal.  Apparently, lying and double-crossing pays a great deal more than 30 pieces of silver. They say every man has his price.

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Senate abortion special rules in health care legisation (H.R. 3590)

There has been a great amount of discussion concerning abortion and current health care legislation. Is it in? Is it out? First of all, the entire concept of the fed’s involvement in health care is unconstitutional, but that seems not to matter. So here’s info on the abortion language for readers.

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Stupak offered legislative bribes to accept health care abortion language

Senior administration leaders in both the White House and Democrat party are encouraging Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) to keep his opinions on current abortion language in the Senate’s health care bill to himself until they can explain the legislation’s language to him. He says “no thanks” and by the way, stop trying to bribe me

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