Treasury ups the ante in government losses at GM and Chrysler

According to the Detroit News yesterday, the Treasury Department increased its estimate of government losses in the $85 billion auto bailout by another $170 million.

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Obama and the auto industry: It’s not your money (cont.)

Too much. This is from Friday’s ABC World News Tonight and another episode in the continuing education of Congress and the mainstream media. One more time: It’s out money, it’s our money, it’s our money. Read more

Napolitano ups the ante on GM: Unconstitutional!

This guy just may replace Cavuto as my daily video adrenaline rush. After explaining in this post why GM will likely remain in government control for decades  … today he tells Trace how GM and the Feds will game the system (just as they did with AMTRAK) to drive the competition out of business. Taxpayer paid lobbyists lobbying Congress to the advantage of a company controlled by … Congress. Unconstitutional?


Biden promises, “You capitalists are safe.” Uh Oh.

This is about when I would start looking for the lifeboats. Joe “F off” Biden tells CNN in one of the longest most excruciating answers to a simple question I have ever heard, says no, Obama does not intend to fire CEOs at the banks. This coming on the heals of Tres Secretary Geithner telling Bob Scheiffer “We will fire you.” Damn no wonder Wall Street can’t decided which way to go. 


Hmmm. Now that I have listened to it, sounds like there’s some wiggle room there. Oh and here’s the Geithner bite. Also long an excruciating.


What this comes down to is this. Wall Street will continue founder, and Business will continue to freeze employment until it gets a clear message from this administration on a direction. And it does not look like they are capable of a straight story.