Identification Please

With the November Election just 149 days away the topic of having to show an I.D. prior to
casting a vote has become topic of debate.  I have been asked for my personal ID in several
activities that I conduct through out the day such as: Read more

Dodd As Victim

Well why not. Everyone’s a victim these days of something.

Attorney General Dick Blumenthal (D, because we name that party), who’s office is investigating Countrywide’s dealings in Connecticut, addresses the Chris Dodd (D) Countrywide loan scandal on Hartford TV Channel 3, WFSB, Sunday morning. Anchor Dennis House asks the AG (D) how Dodd (D), chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, could get into this mortgage fix. Blumenthal compares him to the other Countrywide “victims”. Oh brother.

Oh and make sure to listen to House’s follow up question. In a nutshell, what if Countrywide treated you the way Dodd (D) has been treating the voters? Amen and amen.


We’re the government … we don’t ask. Of course not. We’re just the people who put your there.

Upcoming Senate confirmation hearings

Many of the Obama administration appointments do require Senate review. Even though Democrats will have a strong majority in the Senate beginning in January, should Republicans roll over on every nomination, or ask the nominee pertinent questions concerning past statements and policies?

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