Airline employee smuggles 153 guns through Atlanta to New York

Those arrested moved up to 20 or more guns at a time via Delta flights in the passenger cabin. There are a couple questions you should think about when reading this story. First, why are guns being smuggled to New York? (Hint, it has absolutely nothing to do with restrictive gun laws in New York.) Second, where are the holes in airline security?

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IRS sends $46 million in refunds to 24,000 at one address

And this is the organization that will be in charge of the Obamacare mandates. Remember the Inspector General audit pointing out the targeting of TEA Party groups when it came to IRS tax-exempt approvals? We also have another audit – again published last summer and not released to the media prior to the election – pointing out a huge problem with the distribution of IRS refund checks.

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The democrats are lying to you…they don’t care about the little guy

Here is yet another example of Democrats kicking the little guy. This time, the evidence comes from Atlanta. Read more

Symptom of the Disease: Atlanta public school educators cheat to improve student test scores

Teachers, school administrators and principals were directly involved with various efforts – including outright cheating and changing student answers – to increase the Atlanta school systems student performance scores. Some even held “erasure parties” on weekends to change answers.

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