Media can’t get anything right when it comes to firearms

Why do I keep demanding retractions and corrections from media outlets? I’m giving up, they won’t listen and even if they do correct the error they make the exact same error in the future. Journalists don’t know everything, editors are supposed to know more, but the profession is being dumbed-down day-by-day.

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New media points out AP Obama approval poll sample total fiction

Unbelievable. How does the Associated Press improve the people’s impression of President Obama’s approval numbers overnight? Completely change the sample and under-estimate the number of Republicans by half.

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Right Track Wrong Track … Just a bad poll – Audio

This is getting enormous play today. A new Associated Press poll states that the public is confident that President Obama has the nation on the right track …. the first time in 5 years. Read more

Did you hear? US, Colalition forces winning war in Iraq

You probably didn’t hear, at least that is what many non-main stream media outlets surmised today. You see, two Associated Press reporters that had the gall to write a story with the headline Analysis: US now winning Iraq war that seemed lost.

Robert Burns’s and Robert H. Reid’s piece was released by the AP on Saturday morning; not exactly what you would call a high-traffic news time. Most people don’t read the Saturday paper and quite honestly, who gets up early on Saturday to read Google News feeds? Heck, even I just got to this tonight, not in time to meet my 9:15 p.m. ET deadline for the daily e-mail blast. Read more

AP Bias on Display Again – Mea Culpa Time?

The AP’s headline should read that 54 out of 59 water treatment plants in Iraq meet or exceed strict water standards, but it doesn’t. Michelle Malkin posted a full review of the story – Bias alert: The Cheney/KBR-deranged Associated Press spins a DoD report on water quality in Iraq – and unlike the AP story written by Larry Margasak, she took the 20 minutes required to read the 30-something page report. Read her full post, it goes into a lot of good detail, plus reveals this part of the report that AP missed:

Although there was no way to determine whether water provided by the contractors and military water purification units caused disease, contractors and military units responsible for water operations must always ensure that water provided to the forces meets all established standards and is safe to use.

The AP didn’t even bother to link to the actual report, instead they linked to the U.S. Central Command Web site and KBR Inc., a contractor in Iraq that maintained three of the five plants that had water quality issues. Again, there are 59 total plants! Read more

FARC – terrorist organization in Columbia

Ahh, the wonderful theory that the Associated Press is an unbiased news organization. Hat tip to Jim Taranto, writing Best of the Web for the Wall Street Journal Online. Read more