Brokaw still irrational: Afraid of walking into Arizona bars

It’s not like I thought he would eventually become rational or anything. Tom Brokaw is not comfortable walking into an Arizona bar on a Saturday night since the state allows their law-abiding citizens to carry a pistol for self-defense. He states the system is “wide open.” That’s a total lie.

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What Happens When Reality and the Template Collide – The Democrat Chronicles of Tucson

Having a convenient scapegoat means never having to deal with the truth. Read more

My opinion will not be silenced – Conservatives have rights!

Saturday’s events in Tucson were tragic. For reasons not explained, some 22 year-old nut named Jared Loghner made the choice to visit a peaceful gathering of people, kill six and severely injure 14. Evil manifests itself in many ways all the time, and this is one example. For media pundits, bloggers and politicians to take this evil act and assign blame to anyone other than the shooter and his own demons, is unacceptable.

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Tragedy in Tuscon – the people matter

I was not tempted at all to jump into posting as events in Tuscon, Arizona unfolded Saturday afternoon. It was time for quiet reflection to remember those killed and injured, as well as those who stepped up to help immediately after the shooting and the first responders.

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Judge blocks portion of Arizona immigration law SB 1070 (Update)

Not unexpected in my opinion, but it’s important to note a portion of Arizona SB 1070 will go into effect. A federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order on portions of the law, including the part where law enforcement should make reasonable attempt to check immigration status, and act accordingly during lawful contact.

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United States v. Arizona

Today, Attorney General Eric Holder, on behalf of the Obama administration, filed the long promised suit against Arizona seeking to have the new Arizona immigration law declared unconstitutional.  The suit was filed in Federal District Court in Phoenix.

According to the law suit, the Arizona law violates the “Supremacy Clause” of the Constitution.  Should you be interested, you can find this in Article VI…

The Constitution and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof…shall be the supreme law of the land…any thing in the…laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.

The administration claims that because Congress has passed laws dealing with immigration, those federal laws take precedence over any immigration law passed by Arizona (or any other state, for that matter). 

What is curious, however, is that no where in the suit is there any mention of “racial profiling”, due process, equal protection, or any other of the list of “problems” members of the administration have used in “speeches” denouncing the law.

As best I can tell, all Arizona wanted in passing the law was for its borders to be protected…clearly a job of the federal government, but clearly a job the federal government has refused to do.  This administration ceased construction on the border fence, and has repeatedly ignored Arizona’s pleas for more border security. 

So, it would appear that the government’s only response to a “broken immigration system”, as Obama has called it, is to file a lawsuit against one of the states.  Personally, I think that time and money would be better spent enforcing our immigration laws.  But, then again, that’s just me.

Senator slap-down: Milwaukee County supervisor schooled on Arizona’s border with Mexico

Sure, this is a local government official and not a national politician, but it was funny and the story points out many who are making ‘boycott Arizona’ demands have not read the legislation are are not at all familiar with the situation in Arizona.

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California cities becoming selective about Arizona boycotts

Of course they are being selective, you can’t expect them to actually stand on principle would you? California cities buckle when it comes to energy, water, traffic cameras and Tasers provided by Arizona companies.

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Portion of national park on border closed to Americans due to violence

The federal government closed a portion of a US park in Arizona four years ago due to violence perpetuated by illegal aliens and smugglers along the US/Mexico border. Maybe the president will be up to the task of “kicking some a$$” to get the United States border secured?

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Will California “boycott” the energy they get from Arizona?

There seems to be plenty of huffing and puffing from Los Angeles politicians as they beat their collective chests about banning travel to, and doing business in, Arizona. But will the politicians refuse to take energy – and water for that matter – from their neighbor state?

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