Texas border overwhelmed with illegal aliens, including children

There is an active marketing campaign to ensure a flood of illegal aliens keep coming from Mexico and Central America. Certainly there are many people south of the border – including the Mexican government – encouraging the migration, but the campaign is actually being “funded” by the words of politicians in Washington, D.C.

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So what was in Arizona’s SB 1062 “Anti-Gay” bill?

Have you read the Arizona “anti-gay” bill? I learned the bill was a total of two pages, so I figured I would go and read the legislation. I’m not going to copy and paste it here since it would take me 20 minutes to format it properly, so click here, read the legislation and come right back. I’ll wait.

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Department of Justice reacts to Arizona immigration case

As you know, yesterday the Department of Homeland Security reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision about the Arizona immigration law by basically telling its agents to stop cooperating with Arizona law enforcement. Not to be outdone, the Department of Justice has its own reaction. Read more

The blank with the Supreme Court

As you know, today, the Supreme Court, by unanimous agreement, found that a key provision of the Arizona immigration law was, indeed, constitutional.  The administration was not pleased.  This from the Washington Times: Read more

Supreme Court rules on Arizona immigration law

Today, the United States Supreme Court issued its opinion in Arizona v. United States.  By a vote of 8 -0, the Court found that the most controversial provision of the law, as written, did not violate federal law, and thus could stand. Read more

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

Mike Walsh was a guest on Jim’s show today, and he told us of a situation happening in Arizona.  Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, has asked the state of Hawaii to confirm that the state has a valid birth certificate for President Obama.  Arizona doesn’t want the certificate, just confirmation that it exists. Read more

And, I don’t like nuclear power either

Last week, without much media attention, President Obama, this time via Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, put the nix on certain uranium mining on federal lands in northern Arizona.  Sadly, this too, is political pandering, as, apparently nuclear power is as toxic to the left as is coal and oil power. Read more

Another “landmark” case for the Supreme Court

Today, the United States Supreme Court granted the petition filed by the state of Arizona to hear the case concerning the state’s immigration law passed in April, 2010. (See: page 2, case number 11-182 of the link).  This was an appeal from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal’s decision finding many of the provisions of Arizona’s law unenforceable. Read more

Arizona employment law concerning illegal aliens is constitutional

Thursday, the United States Supreme Court issued its opinion in Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting.  The Court held that an Arizona law that provides that the state can suspend or revoke the license of any employer who “knowingly or intentionally” employs an unauthorized alien is constitutional.  The Court also upheld that portion of the Arizona law that required all employers to use E-Verify in their employment process. Read more

MSNBC makes more crap up … “Arizona does not celebrate MLK Day”

Come on you dopes. Some state had to be the last one, and even though Arizona’s governor at the time (a Republican) certainly did not have good standing with minorities and was at times considered an embarrassment for the state, Arizona voted to recognize the Martin Luther King holiday almost 20 years ago.

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