The Weiner Issue: National security, role model and NYC mayors

Say it as many times as you’d like … politicians are not role models. Heck, they have a worse reputation than used car salesmen, but we really should expect more from leadership, whether it be teachers, business leaders and yes … politicians. But it’s not about sexting or morals, national security is the real issue when it comes to Weinergate.

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Weinergate … interview of the day

I have done my best to avoid “Weinergate”, but after this bite, so to speak, yesterday it just became irresistible. The video below the fold is I think the best interview he gave all day, when he gets into a confrontation with an unidentified reporter and may I say acted just as pricey as he did the day he got into a fight with Megyn Kelly over the death tax. Enjoyed my little mobsters. Read more

Congressman Anthony Weiner to Congressman Mike Kelly: That real world experience thing is getting old

What would you expect from a guy who got “snotty” with Megyn Kelly on the death tax? I’ll tell you what you would expect … Weiner got snotty with Congressman elect Mike Kelly (R, PA) … demeaning his real world experience. Another example of why these Democrats are now on the outside looking in. Read more

What is a “qualified” plan?

As you know, beginning in 2014, all individuals must have a “qualified” insurance plan, or pay a tax. Congressman Weiner’s protestations to the contrary notwithstanding, that tax will be enforced by the Internal Revenue Service as the tax imposed “shall be included in a taxpayer’s return”.  And, we all know who enforces information on tax returns.

But, I digress.  We don’t have the specifics, as the Secretary of Health and Human Services hasn’t written them yet, but we do know some things about a “qualified plan”.

A “qualified” plan must include, at a minimum, ambulatory, emergency, hospital, maternity, prescription drugs, rehabilitation services, laboratory services, preventive and wellness care, pediatric care (including dental and vision), mental health and new born care.  And, the scope of benefits must at least equal that provided under a “typical employer plan”.

Other than those requirements, the Secretary has complete discretion to add as many mandates as she wants either within the above categories, or as brand new categories.

Once all the Secretary’s mandates have been established, you will have a choice of plans each of which must contain all of the mandates.

The plans are labeled Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  A Bronze plan must include “benefits actuarially equivalent to 60% of the full actuarial value of the benefits”, a Silver plan must have benefits equal to 70%, a Gold plan must have benefits equal to 80%, and a Platinum plan, 90%.

Obviously, a Bronze plan will cost less than a Platinum plan, but, it is impossible to predict even a range of costs until the Secretary determines what services must be covered.  In other words, must hair transplants be covered, or not, must in vitro fertilization be covered, or not, must tattoo removal be covered or not?  Until those, and other coverage questions are answered by the Secretary, determining an actual cost is elusive.

But, whether you believe the Congressional Budget Office or not, the CBO states that

… premiums in the individual market will rise by 10% to 13% more than if Congress did nothing. Family policies under the status quo are projected to cost $13,100 on average, but under ObamaCare will jump to $15,200.

If the CBO is correct (and their historical track record isn’t exactly”spot on”), regardless of what must be in a “qualified plan”, expect to spend considerably more than you do now for insurance.

O’Reilly vs Congressman Weiner – Who’s on first?

This may be O’Reilly’s most frustrating moment since … ummm … Barney Frank.

O’Reilly is tryig to pin down Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) on who will enforce the Health Care penalty for people who choose not to buy insurance and refuse to pay the penalty. A reasonable question … that O’Reilly asks five times. But Weiner never gives an answer. The ultimate answer of course is the IRS but Weiner won’t budge.

This little comedy routine actually runs six minutes. I could only cut three minutes at the end, and frankly, it’s all you could take too.


These lefities so think we are stupid, or is it just O’Reilly they think is stupid. My guess, they think O’Reilly will let them spew their crap in the interest of bipartisanship. Silly lefty.

I think I like this one better. Ha!


Update (Steve): Thanks to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air for the linkage.

Yes, health care is a commodity

I’ve been hearing the argument that health care is not a commodity for the past month or so. It’s another way to play on the emotions of the electorate, since it’s kind of obvious that health care is a commodity… but it does not feel right to say it.

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