Ann Coulter: If Christy doesn’t run he’s a jerk. Matthews: Republican field of dog pound

it’s a “twofer” my little mobsters. Ann has never been one to mince words, which is why we love her so much. The simple fact is she could very well be right.  Chris Matthews on the other hand is squealing with delight. Video below the fold. Read more

Coulter writes: Dear Sarah Palin, Please endorse Rob Simmons

Now this is a wake up call Connecticut and tells you that some people still consider Connecticut important. Ann Coulter in her column this morning is pleading with Sarah Palin, the Queen maker, to make a new King in … Connecticut, former Congressman Rob Simmons. Coulter is from Connecticut and has a stake in this one, but is the timing too late? Read more

Geraldo joins the “Could this be racism” crowd

Ann Coulter says it all … “When was I suddenly transported to MSNBC?”

When your argument is weak … don’t debate the issue or the veracity of the statements (re: Congressman Joe Wilson) … play the race card and distract.

The best comes at the beginning … followed by Democrat Julian Epstein who calls the Tea Party Patriots a fringe movement … followed at the 4 minute mark by Ann calling out Epstein in Joe Wilson fashion. You lie!


If only it were true … “I’m going to ask you about Joe Wilson just one more time.” Optimist!

Update: Here’s a link to what Ann was talking about. MSNBC.

Program Note

NY Times Best Selling Author Ann Coulter and Fox Business Network anchor Jenna Lee join us tomorrow. Jenna will join the show at 10:35 and Ann at 11:00 AM … so make sure you are there. Read more