New York sheriffs not enforcing SAFE Act gun control legislation

As usual, it is the local population that must stand up and fight tyranny at the state and federal level. Sheriffs in New York state are not hiding the fact they will not be enforcing state law restricting firearm magazine capacity to seven rounds.

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New York tax credit may lure ‘The Tonight Show’ back to city

New York’s liberal governor, Andrew Cuomo (D) has tucked in a budget provision that would make tax credits available to a live-audience TV talk show that pretty much mirrors what NBC’s “The Tonight Show” would look like if it moved back to New York City.

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Cuomo demands 10-round firearm magazines be banned

I can not understand why this fool won’t just step up and demand all firearms be confiscated. If you want to hunt – which is what New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo thinks the 2nd Amendment is about – we should be licensed and required to pick up a one-shot rifle at the local police department armory, and have a state guide with you at all times.

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Cuomo Panel to New York State workers: gravy train over

It’s really a small recommendation when you think about it, but one, that no doubt will cause gnashing of teeth across the Empire state. A panel set up the new New York Governor has recommended a new tier for pension eligibility that will apply to new state employees and while it will have little affect on the workers there now, I am sure it will be labeled draconian. Read more

Wall Street Witch Hunts

Democrats in Congress usually have a “thing” for privacy rights.  Listening in on international phone-calls were one end of the conversation is a known or suspected terrorist?  That’s bad.  However, not all such intrusions are equal.

McCarthy-esque intrusion into the lives of folks working on Wall Street?  Wielding  the tax code as a weapon against employees who allowed the offer of retention bonuses to convince them to remain in AIG’s employ that they might carry the government’s water?  How about a fishing expedition into the remuneration of Merrill Lynch employees by Andrew Cuomo?  That, it would appear, is hunky-dory to the high mavens of privacy rights and civil liberties, death threats and hate-speech concerns notwithstanding.

Update (Jim): I would say its unusual when Dave and Chris Matthews actually agree on something.