Breaking – RIP Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012

I’m shocked really. Andrew was three years younger than myself and it really makes you think. Andrew leaves his wife Susie and four children. So sad.

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Weiner’s biggest sin: lying to the press?

I’d like to think there’s true remorse here. No, not on the part of Anthony wiener. I’m sure he’s sorry especially after his wife got a hold of him. But I wonder if there’s true remorse on the part of the mainstream media. The big networks never covered this story until yesterday. And the lefty blogs couldn’t wait to go after Andrew Breitbart. At any rate my little mobsters here is a little Weiner for you, and my take on the story. Read more

Thursday Triple Play Radio Show: Breitbart, McCarthy, Walsh

It is the mother of all shows tomorrow. If a lineup guaranteed a place in the Radio Hall of Fame, then dust off my bust. The lineup and topics below the fold. Read more’s next big investigative report – Update: NEA

Last week, we had a few videos dropped concerning the – let’s call them interesting – ACORN employee activities. Speculation is starting this Sunday afternoon about possible revelations from Andrew Breitbart concerning the National Endowment for the Arts, or Buffy Wicks, or the SEUI, or maybe something else this week.

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