Maybe we should drill for oil after all

In President Obama’s Saturday radio address to the country, we learn that the President has decided that we really do need to decrease our dependence on foreign oil.  Thus, we will now drill for oil here. Read more

EPA to Shell Oil: on second thought, no you can’t drill in Alaska

Don’t pay any attention to what the young president says, watch what he’s doing and what he’s doing is choking off oil exploration in the United States slowly and deliberately. If the lefties win on this one America is not doomed to second place, America is doomed to be in last place. Read more

Media conspires to create false stories and discredit Alaska’s Joe Miller (Audio) UPDATE: Palin – Those are corrupt bastards

News staff from the CBS affiliate KTVA in Anchorage inadvertently left a message on the cell phone of Joe Miller’s campaign spokesperson yesterday. Nick McDermott, the KTVA assignment editor, had just ended a phone call with Miller’s spokesperson but missed the ‘end call’ button on his iPhone.

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Andree McLeod: Palin’s personal stalker

What else can you call a self-described ethics diva that continues to harass Gov. Sarah Palin with bogus ethics charges? A filed complaint that is tossed out of court is one thing, but Andree McLeod has filed four complaints – three of which have been tossed out – and has filed complaint four and five.

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Media describes Palin budget increase as cut

Slashed funding. Budget cuts. Reduction in needed services. Increased class sizes. Shorter library hours. All of these statements are code words used by the liberal left to scare the crap out of senior citizens, school parents and unions. If you don’t agree to tax increases, your precious services – that can only be provided by the government – will be slashed.

The problem is, many of these statements are used to cover lies and misrepresentations, often supported by liberal media hacks. A great example is Paul Kane’s drive-by-media article on how Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska and vice presidential nominee, “slashed” funding 20 percent to Covenant House Alaska. Read more

Obama says drill – but knows Sierra Club will fight

Powerline has a nice wrap-up concerning Obama’s two-faced approach to drilling for more oil and natural gas here in the States. Even though he’s now preaching that we should consider drilling offshore and open more leases in Alaska – not ANWAR – he knows that environmentalists will go to court to block every move to actually drill.

By playing both sides of the coin, he gives the impression that he cares about energy costs; and even though the oil companies can drill, they are not drilling. Squarely putting the blame back on Big Oil even though it’s not their fault.

He is not explaining why the oil companies are not drilling. Read more