Air Force One in Manhattan – Carbon pollution winner? Update: How much did this cost?

The aircraft flying over the southern tip of Manhattan today seems to have caused quite a kerfuffle. Often referred to as Air Force One, either SAM28000 or SAM29000 – a specialized version of Boeing’s 747-200B – took three leisurely passes over the Statue of Liberty and New York City this morning.

sam28000-rushmoreSince the folks who live in the city were not told about the flyover photo op, many were quite concerned; some were freaking out. Looking up, the jet looks like any other big flying object that can cause serious problems. Of course, (most) everyone in government knew about the fly-over, but they were asked not to tell any of the commoners.

It did not help matters that the VC-25A (Boeing 747 in Air Force lingo) was being closely followed by a fighter aircraft.

No, this is not Obama’s fault, just a really stupid move by some mid-level manager somewhere.

So, how many carbon offsets would be required to compensate the earth for all of this pollution?

Exit question: If Congress gets to scream at auto executives for taking private jets to Washington D.C., who should they scream at for this?


Update (Jim): Other than being extraordinarily revealing about how this new administration has forgotten 9-11 and everything it means, Gretta Van Susteren tonight asks the relevant question for an economics person like me. Stephen Moore’s answer is priceless though. True … but priceless.


Idiots … it’s not just that Obama’s people have forgotten 9-11 … it’s that New Yorkers haven’t.