French attack al-Qaida linked groups in western Africa

As the United States “winds-down” efforts against Islamic terrorist organizations in Asia, the French are ramping-up against Islamist militants in the African nation of Mali. The French are using fighter jets to pound al-Qaida linked training camps in the northern part of the country.

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Obama heckled for three minutes concerning AIDS funding, lies (Video)

On the election stump for Dick Blumenthal today in Bridgeport, Conn., President Obama lost control of a portion of his audience for three minutes. It’s not surprising folks show up and disrupt events, but what is surprising is his response to the Global AIDS Alliance protesters. Well, maybe not so much.

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The Secretary Of State … decorum please

Yes she is tired. 9 African countries in 11 days. The woman who would be President though show here frustration when she’s asked a question about her husband Bill. Talk about lighting a fuse.


As it turns out … the question was mistraslated, or so we are told.

The only problem? Apparently the translator made a mistake and the student had wanted to know what President Obama thought of the deal. A State Department official tells ABC News the student went up to Clinton after the event and told her he was misquoted. No immediate word yet how Clinton responded.

The questioner meant to ask what does the president … meaning Obama … think. I don’t know if I buy that … but for the chief diplomat, not a good performance.