How will things be in Afghanistan when the coalition departs?

Ben Anderson, an independent film maker, was embedded with troops in Afghanistan in 2007 and late 2012. Earlier this year he released This is What Winning Looks Like, a documentary including snapshots of what’s happening now as the United States and coalition forces begin their withdrawal. It’s not a pretty picture.

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Karzai: US helping Taliban to stage attacks to justify American & international presence

Well isn’t this just grand. I picked up on this little tidbit while reading an AP story on the helicopter crash that killed five US servicemen on Monday night. With Afghan President Harmid Karzai – our supposed partner – saying this kind of stuff, can we just go home now?

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Friday’s Afghanistan attack wiped out 8% of US Harrier fighting fleet

Two Marines were killed and another nine members of collation forces were injured on Friday night at Camp Bastion – managed and operated by the British – in Afghanistan. I’m curious to know how many of you know we lost eight out of 10 Marine Harrier jets in Afghanistan during the attack.

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Great Idea: Let’s release some high-level Taliban fighters in Afghanistan

No worries, we’re making them promise they will give up violence.

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Unacceptable: Five troops “responsible” for Quran burnings may suffer reduction in rank

No friggin’ way. Volunteer to defend the United States of America – putting your life on the line in Afghanistan while your family stresses out for years – and you could be subject to a reprimand and reduction in rank for inadvertently throwing out the wrong garbage?

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US Ambassador won’t rule out court dates for troops who burned Qurans.

Goodness grief. I have one question, well maybe a few. Does anyone out there think the US troops in this particular situation burned the Qurans out of malice? If they are to face charges under the UMCJ, exactly what are they being accused of? Cite please. Will Afghanistan start an investigation into those prisoners who desecrated the Qurans themselves?

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Obama jumps the gun again by sending apology/regret letter to Karzai

Let’s the letter President Obama sent to the president of Afghanistan concerning the alleged Quran burning. Why can’t we see it? Why do we have the Afghan government publicly claiming NATO officials agreed “perpetrators will be brought to justice” while the Pentagon and White House remain silent on the issue?

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Open Thread: Is it time to divest ourselves of all things Afghanistan?

In other words, should we immediately leave Afghanistan or stick with it until we get the defined objectives completed? Although this is an open thread, keep your comments short and to the point.

Army Lt. Col. writes about deployment experience – Truth, lies and Afghanistan

I found this link in a post from a forum I frequent unrelated to politics, yesterday and then Drudge picked it up and AP at Hot Air posted on the subject last night. It’s one respected man’s opinion, but it is just that. Afghanistan might not be going as well as we are told.

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Text and video of Obama’s Afghanistan speech June 22

As prepared and released by the White House. To put an interesting twist on opinion blogging, why don’t you – our readers – copy and paste a sentence or two and point out what you liked and did not like in the comments section? Open thread.

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