First Obama Phones, now ObamaCare phones!

Will this, can this, ever end? Yeah, yeah, the phone program has been in place long before the Obama administration and I thought it was stupid then too. Now we have Obamacare representatives giving away phones included with their health insurance benefits.

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Obama admits to tax increases in “Affordable” Healthcare Act

When does the Sound Off Sister, Jim and I get credit from the Obamacare supporters who called us liars when it comes to the facts about Obamacare? Even the man himself has come out and finally referred to some of the increases. Read more

Half of health care uninsured don’t know they are required to buy insurance under Obamacare

Surprise! I was quite certain a significant number of the health care uninsured – a relatively small number in the US – would not know they will be required to go out and buy health care insurance on their own. Now that everyone should be aware of the health care legislation, Gallup went out and asked a few questions.

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