Prompt Me Please – Video Replay

We’ve talked about this too many times on the show to mention … but now major media outlets are catching on and scratching their heads. The Politico takes notice and Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has the rundown.

This may be news to the throngs of Obamabots who elected him, but not to those of us who paid attention to Obama on the campaign trail.  When he had the TelePrompters, he made crowds swoon.  When he didn’t, though, things would go terribly wrong.  Most of the fumbles on the campaign trail — such as Iran being a “tiny” and therefore no threat, America not being “what it once was”, came when Obama had to go off script.  Once, his TelePrompter failed for a couple of moments and he stammered until someone apparently fixed it.

Oh … and remember this really swell video from Iowahawk? We called it Revenge of the Teleprompter … September of last year.