Politicians loaning their own campaigns money … collecting high interest revenue

What an ingenious revenue-generating idea! Politicians are loaning their own campaign money and letting the cash sit in campaign coffers at an interest rate MUCH higher than bank rates. The politicians collect the interest and keep it for themselves, allowing for an ongoing money-laundering scheme.

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A 60 Minutes investigation of Pelosi?

This is more than a bit strange.  I was looking for something else, and came across this.  Steve Kroft, a trusted fixture of CBS’s 60 Minutes, attended a press conference held by Nancy Pelosi (D. Ca.).  This is more than unusual as neither Mr. Kroft, nor the “regulars” on 60 Minutes typically materialize as such press conferences. Read more

Obama: We can spend your money better than you can

It’s a revival of, “It’s not your money”. Obama made it clear to Steve Croft on 60 Minutes last night that his philosophy of “spread the wealth around” was alive and well. “There are more efficient ways out there to recirculate money.”

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Jobs, not food stamps: The 60 Minutes report that drove the show UPDATE: Hot Air kudos to CBS

It really is worth watching because it outlines beautifully (umm, pardon the adjective) the problem facing 14 million Americans. Relying on food stamps, unemployment checks, and neighbor kindness to stay afloat in an economy that clearly is not recovering, merely treading water. Read more

Call him “schmoozer in chief.”

Not sure why I am posting this other than to say, remember what they did to Sarah Palin being a hick, or the jokes made about George Bush being stupid, or … well you get the idea. It seems when a liberal Democrat continually puts his foot in his mouth he’s … well … you know, charming.

Stahl asked if he was worried about doing an interview for 60 Minutes. “It’s not you I’m afraid of,” Biden replied. “It’s me!!” 

But everyone 60 Minutesspoke to at the White House said they don’t want him to change. 

“The president and the entire team close to him has encouraged me not to try all of a sudden to be a different Joe Biden than I was for the past 36 years,” Biden told Stahl. “Sometimes maybe I shouldn’t be as straightforward as I am. …I’m not sitting on it. I decided I just – it’s who I am.”     

After trying to muzzle the man often ridiculed for his loose lips, the White House now calls his – shall we say exuberance – an asset. They call it “truth telling.” 

Truth telling. Hmmm. Like the FDR analogy, or the “shot at in Iraq” story, or the 7/11 comment, or the “I know the role of the Vice President” debate comment, or the … well you get the idea. The relevant portions come right at the top. But make sure you watch through 3:30 where you get to see the Biden office which is “smaller than my Senate office”. Nice digs for a “PUBLIC SERVANT.”

The very short segment on his gaffes comes at 6:28 but its pretty much a puffapalooza!

Kroft to Obama: Are you punch-drunk? Video Update

I am glad Politico caught this because frankly, I had seen enough of the President for one week. Read more