Symptom of the Disease: Liberal professor dumbfounded about support for McDaniel in Mississippi

The American people have to start somewhere. I’ve said over-and-0ver until I’m blue in the face; the DISEASE is the size and scope of the federal government and the unhealthy dependency states and local governments have when it comes to getting cash from said federal government. Some in Mississippi get it, but others like self-proclaimed liberal political science professor Marty Wiseman are totally confused.

From the New York Times, with a hat tip to Big Government.

Marty Wiseman, a political science professor and the former director of the John C. Stennis Institute of Government and Community Development at Mississippi State University, said he was astonished that so many voters were choosing Mr. McDaniel in a state with the nation’s highest poverty rate and lowest median household income and, according to the Tax Foundation, a nonprofit Washington think tank, one that receives the highest level of federal aid as a percentage of state revenue.

“It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Professor Wiseman, who considers himself a liberal by Mississippi standards. “It defies logic or reason for somebody to not only run on cutting off the supply of federal money to Mississippi, but to actually be winning the race.”

You sir, are part of the problem. And you were a former director of some sort of “institute of government?” What an elitist, nose-up-in-the-air dolt. Look carefully at this guy’s quote. He specifically uses terms like “strange” and “defies logic or reason.” He’s so brainwashed he can’t even see the point conservatives are making. He’s deaf to the entire concept of federalism. The dolt could at least recognize the concept, but no … he probably would read my stuff and think I was from Saturn or something.

At least some voters in Mississippi get it.

“Everybody’s got their hand out like these damn people at the food stamp office,” Mr. Harris, 67, said between sips of coffee on Thursday at a local barbecue restaurant. “They’ve got to put an end to all of this spending.”

The Times uses words like rainmaker, and phrases like “shower their impoverished state with federal funds” when describing current Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) who has been in the United States Senate for 33 years. Cochran is in a primary battle with Chris McDaniel, who seems to be widely supported by actual conservatives who might just be embracing the original, federalist intent of the United States Constitution. You know, that part in Article 1, Section 8.

We are the United States of America for goodness sakes, and the primary power must be moved back to the states – over time – or we’re going to continue this downward spiral. It does not help one bit that some director of an “institute of government” who is partially responsible for teaching our youth can not at least recognize this concept if not embrace it.

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  1. bien-pensant
    bien-pensant says:

    Professor Marty Wiseman is the consummate democrat political animal. Deeply and lifelong democrat, he truly believes that if Republicans prevail in November and take the House and prevail in Mississippi politics, things will change back to what it was like before the democrats took over. With Republicans in control, the Antebellum South would magically reappear. He believes fully in the munificence of government largesse to any and all social programs.
    Somehow, the words “work” or “self-reliance” or “individual responsibility” never occur in his thick as molasses speech. Those concepts are foreign to him. Handouts from the government is a sure and desirable way for democrats to get elected and reelected. That pork-barrel politics is failing is otherworldly to him. It’s a total disconnect — “that’s just not how it’s done ’round here; these Tea Party folks just don’t understand what is stake.”

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Liberal professor and dumbfounded go together like corn flakes and milk. Trust me: I am in the thick of it now (and it is also the reason I can’t write anything until probably December; a long and precautionary tale). They are just higher echelon liberals, just as assured in their absolute superiority and the absolute certainty that only their opinion can be correct, and just as vindictive when crossed, if not more so (see Paul Krugman). That this chump was the head of anything claiming to have any authority on knowledge is a complete disservice to Mississippi, particularly the students, and may be part of the reason Mississippi is in the condition it is in, relying on handouts etc. Maybe ole Miss can invite all the CT businesses that are being chased out of this state by the business unfriendly tax climate…..

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