Surprised? Second graders now having sex as MTV takes TV to new low

And in school … while the teacher was watching. Naturally the media is appalled … but should they be surprised?

I saw this and at first I thought this was a product of the “Onion”, and I still cannot believe it’s true. I mean what teacher, even in California, would watch second graders have sex? From CBS 5 (Video below at bottom of this post if you want to skip to the report itself)

A teacher at Oakland’s Markham Elementary School has been suspended indefinitely after school officials said a pair of second-graders performed sex acts on each other in class – with the teacher present.

“I think everyone is taken aback over this shocking incident,” Troy Flint, the spokesman for the Oakland Unified School District, told CBS 5 on Thursday. “Of course, it is hard to understand how that could have occurred.”

Taken back? Why? Isn’t this just the next logical extension of what has been happening in schools for decades; where teachers spend as much time on sexuality as they do on math. Where television now caters to soft porn for teenagers.

One day after it was reported Viacom executives ordered producers to tone down its racy teen drama, the Parents Television Council has announced it’s urging the Department of Justice and U.S. Senate and House Judiciary Committees to open an investigation.

“In addition to the sexual content on the show involving cast members as young as 15, PTC counted 42 depictions and references to drugs and alcohol in the premiere episode,” the group wrote in a letter to the government organizations.

Among those depictions, a wild teen sex and drug party, a contest to help a fellow teenager lose his virginity, sex as a payback for debt? Depictions? That’s putting it mildly.

MTV’s explanation for the show is predictable. They are just pointing out the problems teens face today.

MTV’s president and other executives declined interview requests on Wednesday. An MTV spokeswoman, Jeannie Kedas, insisted that the future episodes of “Skins” were still works in progress. She would not confirm that MTV executives were fearful of running afoul of child pornography laws.

“ ‘Skins’ is a show that addresses real-world issues confronting teens in a frank way,” she said in a statement. “We review all of our shows and work with all of our producers on an ongoing basis to ensure our shows comply with laws and community standards. We are confident that the episodes of ‘Skins’ will not only comply with all applicable legal requirements, but also with our responsibilities to our viewers.”

Yeah … and one of those issues they face today is MTV. Showing this kind of crap does not help teens sort out their issues regarding sex and drugs. It just glamorizes it. Even if MTV were to show consequences, it still plants a seed that others are doing it from coast to coast. It may be wrong … but it’s normal? You bet that’s what these kids think.

Well here’s some consequence for you. A study released this week that female promiscuity coupled with male promiscuity is leaving many women out in the cold when it comes time to eventually find and form a strong relationship.

It’s not a new theory:  As women progress in educational and professional opportunities, their odds of finding a committed man appear to go down. Women in their 40s and 50s have long heard this, but new research finds it’s true for women just entering adulthood as well.

That’s one of the findings in the new book “Premarital Sex in America: How Young Americans Meet, Mate and Think About Marrying,” by researchers Mark Regnerus and Jeremy Uecker at the University of Texas at Austin.

They looked at the results from a number of national studies including the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health and the National Study of Youth and Religion, in addition to interviews with young people ages 18 to 23.

Researchers found that since women in the 18- to 23-year-old group feel they don’t need men for financial dependence, many of them feel they can play around with multiple partners without consequence, and that the early 20s isn’t the time to have a serious relationship. But eventually, they do come to want a real, lasting relationship. The problem is that there will still be women who will have sex readily without commitment, and since men know this, fewer of them are willing to go steady.

“Women have plenty of freedom, but freedom does not translate easily into getting what you want,” Regnerus said.

Imagine that. Since guys know girls are easy … why bother getting married? Or as Grandma used to say … why buy the cow if the milk’s for free.

Here’s the video from Channel 5. Unbelievable. H?T to Drudgereport. All of these links can be found there at top left.

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  1. Erik Blazynski
    Erik Blazynski says:

    I canceled our cable about 2 months ago. MTV and E! represent all that is wrong with this country/world. I don't even morally object to the content. I object to the glorification of absolute stupidity.

    • Steve M
      Steve M says:

      @Erik – when the SO and myself turn the TV on and say "let's watch stupid people" it usually refers to tuning into COPS on Fox. That's about as far as we dare go.

  2. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

    Your question to us is "surprised?"

    My answer…..NO!

    MTV hasn't visited any sense of reality in any of their reality series, and has not been relevant for decades.

    Unfortunately they still have viewers.

  3. BEA
    BEA says:

    A few thoughts as I read this story:

    1) Just who the heck are these people spending 7+ hours a day "teaching" our kids?

    2) Why do 7 year olds know how to perform oral sex?

    3) What is wrong with the people running MTV?

    4) What kind of world do our children have to look forward to? Because no matter how hard you try to instill in them right from wrong…there is just so much "wrong" in this world.

    5) Look how far we've gotten away from Lucy and Ricky Ricardo sleeping in seperate beds!

  4. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    For all those men who say, "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?"…Nowadays approximately 80% of women are against marriage.  And I quote a friend of mine: "Why buy the entire pig just to get a little sausage?"  Sexist?  Yes.  Not all women are cows and not all men are pigs.  Maybe if we were to stop referring to the opposite sex as barnyard animals, some in our society would stop behaving like them.

  5. Tim-in-Alabama
    Tim-in-Alabama says:

    It's important to turn children into amoral sex maniacs to provide future customers for Big Abortion.

  6. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    Freedom and rights are delicate things.  The freedom of speech is NOT being used responsibly by the TV crowd.  And if the American people do not directly counter it, the Government will step in and restrict free speech.

    We know how to counter this becasue we have learned from the left.  Boycott the shows, the stations and the sponsors.  Calls, letters, buy other products.  Demand ethics, tastefull shows, etc..

    Contact news outfits and ask for investigations, etc..

    Identify the heart of the problem, and solve it. 

    Right now we seem to be happy treating the symptoms and running to the doctor for a runny nose.  Then we complain about the mandated medicine.  And then we get sick again because we never addressed the true problem.

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