Strange: Mother of Teenage “Jessie James” blames insurance companies

OK … now we’ve gone too far. I blame Obama. He’s the one who started demonizing insurance companies … now the mom of the teenage “Jessie James” is blaming her son’s crime spree, at least in part on … you guessed it … insurance companies.

Just as a backgrounder, sonny boy is Colton Harris-Moore, 18. He has evaded the cops for a year. He’s accused of more than 50 burglaries (maybe yes, maybe no. somehow this stuff always gets inflated) and stealing and then crashing 3 planes

Well his mom, Pam Kohler, for whatever reason, decided to talk to Shep Smith (good call mom). Shep asks her if she bears any responsibility, and that my friends, is when she drops the “Obamacare” bombshell. It’s all too much for me … and Shep. Enjoy.


Umm … the answer is yes … he has a Facebook page. No, I am not linking to it. Yes he should turn himself in. Even his Mom is asking he do that. Sanity!

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