Stimulus: How many jobs were created?

Thought you all might enjoy this little video. It’s a montage of yesterday’s talk shows with David Axelrod, Robert Gibbs, and Valerie Jarrett all giving different answers to the stimulus jobs question. As Ed Morrissey said a while back (and it might have been AP), and I am paraphrasing, if you’re gunna make up a number why not a gazillion jobs? And BTW, here’s Ed’d take on this.


So much to say here. It’s not just the bogus numbers, it’s also Chris Wallace catching Gibbs on job growth comment and forcing him to backtrack. It’s the “back from the brink”, which was TARP, not stimulus, and that was, well dare I say it, Bush. Please guys, get it together. It’s my country too and I worry.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    Every time I see Valerie Jarred speaking I feel like I am watching a snake in human form. Something about the shape of hear head, the tightness of her shiny skin, and the bobbing motion of her head as she speaks, and then there are her words of great deception.

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