Speaking of George W. Bush…

Jim devoted considerable time today in both his posts, and on his show to a “miss me yet” theme about President Bush. Last week I received an e-mail from a good friend about “W”.  Luckily I saved it, so I can share it with you.

We know a few things about George W. Bush.

For instance, we know that George Bush is kind of a classy guy.  When he took over the White House, he received a building that had been vandalized by exiting Clinton staffers.  There were reports of holes in walls, “W’s” missing from computer keyboards, and graffiti greeting the new President.  We know that he said nothing about it.  We know that he made peace with Bill Clinton and eventually resurrected Clinton from relative exile to serve as an American ambassador of good will.

We know that he had inherited a recession that he dutifully repaired without going through pains to blame his predecessor.  We know that when he was forced to fight a war using National Guardsmen, Reserves, and a limited, overtaxed military (unlike previous presidents) he never publicly lamented that his predecessor had left him with a decimated military.

We know that when he attended Correta Scott King’s funeral in Atlanta, and prominent democrats  took the podium to make political cheap-shots at him when they should have been eulogizing the late civil rights leader, he simply took it on the chin, knowing that stooping to their level would have been equally classless.  We know that George W. Bush, much to the chagrin of his party, was not real big on defending his image.

We know that he was insistent on the importance of the war in Iraq, when his critics clamored that the real war was Afghanistan and that Iraq was insignificant.  But why?  Why did he downplay Afghanistan and place so much emphasis on a country that was not involved in the attacks of 911?

We know that Saudi Arabia had been our strategic Arab ally in the Middle East.  We know that the 911 attackers and Osama Bin Laden were Saudis.  We know that the funding for the 911 attacks came from Saudis. We know that Bush repeatedly stated “911 changed everything”.  We know that the Saudis could no longer be trusted.  We know that the dangers of Islamic extremism are rooted in the region’s tyranny, oppression, poverty and poor education.

As Monday morning quarterbacks, we know that Iraq is ripe for democracy and has great potential to form a stable ally.  We also know that Afghanistan may just be un-winnable.  We know this now, as Monday morning quarterbacks.  Did George W. Bush know this back in 2002?

Democrats and even many Republicans have maintained that George W. Bush is not one of the brighter bulbs on the porch.  I’d have to disagree.

Whatever else you may think about him, “W” wasn’t in the business of pointing fingers, blaming others, or making tiresome jokes about the ”stupidity” of anyone who disagreed with him, most notably, anyone on the other side of the aisle.  As my friend says, he did have class…something that seems to be sorely lacking in today’s politicians.

I don’t know about you, but, perhaps more than anything, I do miss the class.

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  1. TomL
    TomL says:

    Well said SOS, yes I do miss Bush's class in the Oval Office. It's called being Presidential and being a leader.

  2. NH-Jim
    NH-Jim says:

    It's the small, less significant, things that show a person's character.  President George W. Bush's neck must have been sore from turning the other cheek from every attack that the media, entertainment, and the press slapped him with.  He never spoke out that his job was too hard, that his critics were unfair, or used the bully-pulpit to denigrate Americans.  He was the type of president that expected staff to wear ties, if not jackets or suits, to show respect for the "office" and the citizens of America.


    It was also the most significant things that made him an honorable man.  Despite all the hatred that the liberal left has for him, they cannot deny that he was a decent man.  A man that would secretly leave the White House in the midst of the night void of the press to meet C-130's bringing home our fallen under flag-draped coffin. Or, fly overnight to Iraq and Afghanistan, once again void of press, during our sacred of Holidays to be with his troops.  He was not a showman, a celebrity, nor an elitist.  He was a president.  He took the punches.


    He was not perfect.  Hey, none of us are.  There was only One perfect person who walked this earth.


  3. Delta
    Delta says:

    I recall various debates in high school during the 2000 election about who would be better to lead the country, Gore or Bush. Even for Glastonbury, which to me houses many more of the richer population in this state, a lot of kids argued Gore was a better choice. I felt Bush was a better choice because even though the times were "good" under Clinton, they were not going to last, and some of it was inflated to look better than it seemed. My father had a different take on Gore, recalling him from living in Tennessee, and said something along the lines of "I do not want a guy who says one thing and does another leading our country." Had 9/11 not occurred, I feel the scope of this country would be much different than it is today. It's human nature to want no one to bother you when the times are good, but when the times are tough, you'll take any hand that offers.

  4. Eric
    Eric says:

    I do miss the man.  I have the above billboard as a bumper sticker on my SUV (that I drive while not swilling PBRs up here in the hills o' Litchfield) and almost every time I stop somewhere someone approaches about the bumper sticker, and we exchange positive comments about "W" and his days in office.  You might think the poll numbers on the blog are skewed, but I don't.  Even up here in the blue hills of Litchfield, "W" still has many fans.

  5. cpusavant
    cpusavant says:

    Here's what I miss about President George W. Bush (which is the proper and respectful way to address and refer to him – not that Democrats would know about proper and respect.) I voted for him twice, for one reason more than any other. I may not have always agreed with him on certain issues, but I knew that he would always do what he thought was the right and moral thing, regardless of popularity or polls. The same could not be said about his opponents. He had unimpeachable character, which is the most important quality people should look for in a president, senator, or congressman. Sadly, people don't vote that way now.

  6. weregettinghosed
    weregettinghosed says:

    Now that was a President. He often said when he was young and his father was Vice President with Reagan that he would talk to Reagan about things and it was those things he would reflect upon when he became President. What a mentor to have, no wonder he had the ability to just do the right thing for America. Bush did not always express himself as he should have, a quiet unassuming guy most of the time. A turn the cheek sort of guy. But there was one moment that Bush shined the brightest, a moment one will not forget – that was the time he stood up with the guys on ground zero and gave a thrashing to whole Islam world, that whoever was part of it, harbored any one who was part of it, even smelled a bit like you were part of it – America was coming after you! He meant it. I liked that attitude. He was at his best that very moment.

    Gosh we need one of those shining moments once again — whoever is committing treason on America, anyone that is stomping on the Constitution, anyone that is even thinking of it, any one want to take another freedom or try, have you helped in taking a freedom away —- well We the People is coming after you! Let us get some Bush enthusiasm ……

  7. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    SOS, thanks for sharing that with us…I was never embarrassed by President George W. Bush.  In fact there were more times than I can even remember that I felt such unbelievable pride that he was our leader during the worst time in my remembered history.  I cannot even imagine what things would have been like had Gore been president when the 9/11/01 attacks happened.  Thank God, we never had to find out.

    He didn't get the chance to do much in an attempt to make his mark on history the way Obama is striving to do every single day.  I will remember President George W. Bush for his humility and because I felt safe, and I felt that my kids were safe.

    Ask me if I feel safe today, and the answer is a resounding "NO!".

  8. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    SOS, Thank you. I'm sure this will drive Chris OS off the wall, but for the rest of us, its important to remember there are still leaders in this country. We just need to get back to them.

  9. pjmarz
    pjmarz says:

    I certainly do miss 'W' so much that I bought a tee-shirt with him smiling and asking 'Miss me yet?'  How's that hopey changie working out fer ya???

    Peter from Wolcott

  10. phil
    phil says:

    Yes, I miss President Bush.  What I miss more, is that we do not have a president in the White House.  My liberal acquaintances say I must respect the office.  How, when the Oval Office has been empty for the last nineteen months?

  11. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Thanks for posting this….again, history, the Lord and eternity will have a far better opinion of President G.W. Bush than the US media, et al.  And, guess who's verdict counts in the end????? 

    • chris-os
      chris-os says:

      Yes Gill! Who's verdict counts in the end-I agree! If there is justice in the end, I would surmise someone with blood on his hands will not fare that well.

  12. Gardner
    Gardner says:

    Regarding Iraq: we also know Saddam Hussein supported terrorism. No, he wasn't involved in 9/11 but that's only because Osama Bin Laden didn't need his help. Saddam didn't have some kind of fundamental problem with the 9/11 attacks. When Bin Laden was thrown out of the Sudan, Saddam Hussein offered Bin Laden asylum.

  13. OLDnFAT
    OLDnFAT says:

    As simply stated as I can make it – "He will always be my commander and chief" – I'm sure most current and former service men and women feel the same way. I got out in '62, but if he called upon me today, I would serve. I can't say the same for the current president.

  14. scottm
    scottm says:

    Ahh, the good times, $4.40 for a gallon of gas while his oil buddies got filthy rich and blamed it on the demand in China.  Of course there was more demand in China because they were taking our jobs and making the CEO's rich.  The torture of detainees, or sending them to another country to be tortured.  The Abu Graib prison debacle, the idiotic quote "Bring it on".  He was a real tough guy about sending others into harms way, kind of like the kid in the playground who tells you he will hold your coat while you take on the school bully.  The fella's from Blackwater who randomly killed people.  Dick Cheney shooting his friend in the face in a hunting accident and acting as if he were above facing questions about it.  Yes, the good old days.

    • TomL
      TomL says:

      Ah Scott, while we were paying $4.40 per gallon the rest of the world was paying a lot more, you want to blame Bush but there is only one oil company in the states that is from the USA. Sounds like a reason to me to keep drilling but what do I know. As for the alledged torture, you want America to play by the rules when everyone else isn't. I seem to remember the beheading of Daniel Pearl and the multilation of our soldiers by extremists but then that doesn't fit your lefty agenda does it. Bush may have sent people into harms way but at least he got on a plane and visited the soldiers on a regular basis. All I hear from your hero Barry is him whining about how the Republicans only care about the elections while he was at a political dumbocrat fund raiser. Bring It On

      • scottm
        scottm says:

        It was torture not alleged torture, waterboarding IS torture and that's just what we know was done.  And yes America should play by the rules that we set regarding torture.  Those rules were put in place for a reason.  I also remember the beheading of Daniel Pearl and other despicable acts commited against us but that does not make it right for us to torture people.  The enemy knows when we treat detainees inhumanely and will do the same to us or worse.  Also, there were countries that were paying less for oil than us, western Europe always paid a lot more than us.  Maybe we could also put more resources into alternative energy in addition to drilling.  Every war time president has visited the troops not just Bush, and the reason the press was not alerted was for security reasons not because he was being modest, they made sure the press was eventually well aware that he had gone.

      • scottm
        scottm says:

        Tom, waterboarding was approved during the Bush administration under shady circumstances and has since been dis-allowed.  It is torture and has been used as a torture for a long time by regimes like the Khmer Rouge.  I like to think that America has higher standards.  I can't recall who said this but I liked this quote…"Give me Dick Cheney and a waterboard and I'll have him confess to the Manson murders" 

      • TomL
        TomL says:

        Scott, waterboarding was approved. Saying that our guys would be treated better if we treated our enemy's better is rediculous. But I do agree with developing other sources of energy while continuing to  drill would be good. After all we are sitting on 300 years of reserves. I also agree that past Presidents have visited the troops but Barry has gone just once and he wanted out ASAP the military is distasteful to him.

  15. BEA
    BEA says:


    He wasn't perfect, but he didn't act like he was either.

    "To find a fault is easy; to do better may be difficult."  Plutarch

  16. TomL
    TomL says:

    Scott disallowed now but it was approved. I don't care about the circumstances. Waterboarding would make you say you love President George Walker Bush I saw it on the History channel and it was quite effective with no lasting effects really a humane way of questioning someone  to get answers quickly. Nobody can withstand it. Don't get me wrong I hate war and if you asked a General he would tell you the same thing but what do you do when you are attacked. I want it over and bring the kids home but I don't want to tuck tail and run and dishonor those that sacrificed.

    • scottm
      scottm says:

      Yes, we were attacked but not by Iraq, we were attacked by terrorists who trained openly in Afghanistan and I agreed with going in.  But we then attacked Iraq while we were still bogged down in Afghanistan.  We were not in any danger of getting attacked by Iraq we had our foot on their throat since the gulf war.  Colin Powell came out against it, and he knew better but the administration did not listen to him.  I don't think there will be any real victory in either country and there is no real way to gage success.  We may have created more training ground for terrorists and we've definitely given more reason for citizens of these countries to join terrorist groups.

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