Solyndra…the hits just keep on coming

According to recent filings in the Solyndra bankruptcy case, not only did Solyndra squander over $500 million of your money, they also left behind a toxic waste dump which the company has no plans to fix.

One of the properties used by Solyndra was a building it leased from a company called iStarCTL.  iStar was finally allowed back into the building earlier this month and here is what it found.

There may be environmental, health and safety issues and regulatory violations at the premises based on the materials the debtor [Solyndra] has left behind, which consist, in part, of open containers of unidentified chemical waste and lead processing machinery…

In one picture [filed with the court], two large blue drums are filled with a black substance with no secure lids and covered instead with clear plastic wrap. Another photograph shows a yellow drum about the size of a large garbage can containing a yellow-brown gooey substance.

Yet another picture shows a large machine with a metallic tube coming from the top and another tube from the side. Both tubes display the words “lead exhaust.” A smaller sign on the front of the machine says “toxic” next to what appears to be a small skull and crossbones. A large structure outside the facility has the words “Argon Refrigerated Liquid” on its side.

Court filings from the landlord also describe a high temperature oven assembly that is connected to an outside collection system, all of which are contaminated with lead.

It seems that Solyndra has no plans to clean up this toxic waste dump because, well, it doesn’t own the property.

This administratiuon can sure pick winners, can’t it?

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  1. JBS
    JBS says:

    Those winners are safely ensconced in their retirement havens living fat and carefree with those millions that the Regime made sure they would get.
    I wonder, how many dollars flowed back to the DNC? ?bama’s re-immaculation fund is certainly enhanced with Solyndra money.

  2. Eric
    Eric says:

    Only a bunch of well meaning liberals could make a mess like this. ?They’re always in such a big hurry to fix the world, and then when their great plans fall apart, they play the blame game. ?None of this mess surprises me. ?Liberals are so short on values… they live in an alternate reality where their utopian dreams need to come true. ?What a bunch of flakes!

    • stinkfoot
      stinkfoot says:

      I do not buy the premise that they are well meaning though I can imagine that a convoluted sense of ethics might blind a few to the true nature of dumping truckloads of taxpayer money into a black hole of bankruptcy to achieve a political objective.? They’re fixing the world in much the same way a flying brick fixes a window.

    • JBS
      JBS says:

      They are on vacation living it up with the capitalist profits they made from their socialist dream — with a percentage going to the Dem PAC.
      Yeah, “green” energy, as in, greenbacks. $$$$ Sweet.

  3. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

    This is just like every other aspect of the democrat, entitled, base mentality.

    No personal responsibility, and endless hippocracy.?

  4. steve418r
    steve418r says:

    It is beyond belief that this can happen with taxpayer money. It is worse when I see the apathy of the taxpaying citizens of this country. Maybe most of the apathy is among the individuals that aren’t paying any taxes anyway, and there aren’t enough of us taxpayers to make enough noise so the main stream media hears it. The whole issue seems pushed under the rug.

  5. Murphy
    Murphy says:

    Anyone that knows how solar cells are made realize they are anything but green, the yellow gooey substance is probably contains a lot of Cadmium telluride which nasty yellowish color. And one of the main reasons China can make cells cheaper. They don’t care where they dump it, rains and rivers will spread it out.

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