SOC Program Note – Ayn Rand Center

Joining us tomorrow (March 2) will be Tom Bowden with the Any Rand Center for Individual Rights. Sales of the 1957 classic “Atlas Shrugged” have soared. It was her last and longest novel. The library of congress also notes no other book has had a greater impact on western thought than this book.

Mr. Bowden is an analyst focusing on legal issues at the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights. He is the author of The Enemies of Christopher Columbus, which was the subject of a C-Span BookTV broadcast, and a contributing author to The Abolition of Antitrust. His Op-Eds have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Daily News. Mr. Bowden has given dozens of radio interviews and has appeared on the Fox News Channel’s Hannity & Colmes.

PLUS – Blogging Note: Much good video this weekend, but alas I took most of it off. But thankfully because of the impending Nor’easter, I will have plenty of time to post most of it. Please check back this evening for Sunday morning talk show plus some great weekend show sound bites forthcoming. Most will be in the sub levels and not featured.

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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Jim, looking forward to listening with interest the upcoming interview since I am new to all things Ayn Rand, and there is a new interest in the book. Will be listening and staying home tomorrow with the upcoming snow storm.

  2. davis
    davis says:

    "Atlas Shrugged": '….no other book has had a greater impact on western thought than this book". Surely you jest Mr. Vicevich. Not the Bible? The New Testament?

  3. BryJ3023
    BryJ3023 says:

    Would it be wise to read the two books preceding Atlas Shrugged?  Or can Ayn Rand's philosophy be understood in this one reading?

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