Shep Smith calls out Shannon Bream and Fox News? Update

Here’s the Shep Smith/Shannon Bream video in context, per Hot Air’s request. Not sure it makes a difference. It starts with Shep revisiting the McDonnell Thesis and why oh why the Deeds attacks didn’t work (old news?) with Carl Cameron. Carl explains … well Shep, its the economy silly.

Shep moves on to Shannon Bream who is at an event with Chris Christie, the Republican running in New Jersey. The money stuff is about one minute from the end where Shep jumps ugly on Shannon for not having Corzine too. Catch the look on Shannon’s face, as if to say … you know damn well why I’m here … you guys put me here.


My take, as a reporter for more than 20 years: it’s not unreasonable on a live shot to put a reporter in a place where the candidate is (Carl was with Deeds), especially if Corzine declined offers. This is on Corzine not Shannon Bream … Shep was out of line. Period. UNLESS … Bream and Shep have locked horns once before behind the scenes. Oh no … trouble in paradise?

Update: To those who have asked … of course Shep is still my favorite news anchor. There is no other Shep Smith. I know where he was going with this, I just object to him doing it on air to a colleague.