Sharia Anglicans

Saw the headline on Saturday on my iPhone … must have forgotten to blog on this.
Here’s the latest.

But questions over his future continued to be raised, with several senior Anglicans joining politicians in denouncing his claim last week that the adoption of elements of Islamic law was “unavoidable”.
Two members of the General Synod have called for Dr Williams to quit, and the previous Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, as well as the current leader of the Anglican church in South America, have attacked his comments.

Here’s the original story that caused the outrage.
The archbishop of Canterbury called for applying Islamic Shariah law in Britain in certain instances, saying its use there “seems unavoidable” and may help maintain social order.In an interview conducted Monday and broadcast yesterday by BBC Radio, Archbishop Rowan Williams, leader of the 77-million-member Anglican Communion, said “there is a place for finding what would be a constructive accommodation with some aspects of Muslim law as we already do with some kinds of aspects of other religious law” in the United Kingdom.