Senator Burr: Nelson played the “Price is Right” and won

This is just a great little speech and a great recap of what Nelson did when he said he would support this plan. You will be as outraged as he is and I am.


This bill does not limit but instead expands abortion, as I detailed here. This bill includes the Class Act ponzi scheme provision. This bill increases Medicaid eligibility and forces states to come up with more cash (read that taxes). It still mandates insurance coverage or face a fine. It still places taxes on high end insurance policies, insurance companies, medical devices. And it still does not cover all the uninsured.

Senator Burr nails it in a very short speech. Nelson isn’t voting out of principle, he was bought.

If you want to see Mitch McConnell’s reaction, a little less passion but you can still hear the outrage … once again Jim Hoft is on it.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    This bill  creates an incentive for Connecticut  to  pay everyone over the age of 65 to relocate in VT. I watched a reading of this bill.  Half an our to detail healthcare to people withconditions tied to environmental clean up sites. All those "Mesothelioma' commercials you see on tv. Trial lawyers have seen to it their clients get all the hospital care they need. Another half hour to detail medical malpractice cases for those lawyer clients.  I suggest every american find an old piece of asbestos to hide  away, well wrapped in duck tape of course, and move  it into your basement fully exposed  if you ever get seriously ill. The only way to assure you get the best treatment care from hospitals in this new healthcare system is if you can claim exposure to  hazardous materials. L awyers need to be able to feed off your sickness or you will just be a burden to the system.

  2. yogagurl
    yogagurl says:

    I read that Harry Reid is so worried about the next election he got a deal for the state of Nevada for medicare which the rest of us will be paying for 5 years. I also read a while ago the same with New York and I think California but not 100% on that. Can anyone confirm?

  3. patriot artisan
    patriot artisan says:

    i am sick to my stomach, but not surprised. i watched the two flippers on face the nation sunday last. lieberman with his single payer and medicare buy in objections. nelson with the abortion objection. how contrived. i could see the nod and wink between these two. what wretches these people are

  4. pauldow
    pauldow says:

    Boy, Lieberman, Dodd, Delauro, Courtney, Larsen, Murphy and Himes really sold us out cheap. Connecticut could have gotten millions of dollars and help put the rest of the country into more debt if they only played the game right. But no! Our senators and representatives only want to play nice with their bosses in Washington, so for the people of Connecticut; In the words of that great entrepreneur Willy Wonka: "You get nothing! You lose! Good day, Sir!"

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