Sen. Dodd … Meet your latest challenger – Roger Pearson

He starts with hyperbole, he invokes the name of George Soros and yet … watching this is so much fun. His name is Roger Pearson and at least in this interview he asks all the right questions. Like, where was Dodd when the financial house was melting down?


Looks like next year is gunna be fun. More about Pearson from Fox News.

Roger Pearson, a Democrat from Greenwich, Conn., told a Hartford Courant columnist this week that he has formed a committee to explore a run for his party’s 2010 nomination.

Pearson, an attorney, lost his previous bid for a congressional seat against then-Rep. Christopher Shays in 1988. In 2006, he endorsed Ned Lamont in Lamont’s Democratic primary victory against Sen. Joseph Lieberman, whose political troubles at the time resembled Dodd’s now, though Lieberman was in hot water with Democrats over his support for the Iraq war. Pearson endorsed Lieberman in the general election when he ran as an independent and defeated Lamont.