Save the world … buy a car … Update: Or else!

The President has outlined his new fuel efficiency standards and emissions standards and it’s gunna cost you. $1300 more per car to start. But no worries … the Pres says you will be able to pay it off in no time.


No … you are right. None of this works if gas prices go down. Then it will take longer to pay off. But as the other post points out, unless they go up no one will buy them, in which case … the technology will cost you more … as we pointed out here. So the pay off depends on gas price rising. Good bet? Not sure. But either way … you will pay more for one of these little cars … likely more than what the President estimates.

But have no fear … according to Reuters and the AP … you will be helping to save the planet. Here are a couple headlines:

Here’s the AP, click to enlarge.


And here’s Reuters.


$1300 … seems like a small price to save the world … plus … the President says you will pay it all off in no time.

Update: I am sure you are wondering about why auto companies which have fought these higher standards because of the higher costs, would suddenly jump on board … even if there’s no consumer demand. Is it Obama’s winning personality? Perhaps it’s the President’s power of persuasion? Nope … it’s cause he owns em. Politics, Chicago style>


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  1. JohnK
    JohnK says:

    General Motors is dead.  Long live GM.  Between the new CAFE standards and the government/union ownership of both GM and Chrysler, we are going to be forced to buy smaller cars which actually get much less fuel economy than they should.  These cars will be heavier than they need to be and burn fuels that may actually pollute more.

    Rather than let the free market determine which cars and trucks we will buy, the government will tell us.  Smaller carswhich hold fewer people will require more cars on the road.  Smaller trucks will handle smaller payloads and again, more trucks.

    What happens when a small car or truck gets hit by a semi?  Result is more deaths on the highways

     Is the answer more rail traffic?  Railroads are already stretched to the limit on existing track, while the left wants more railtrails.  More rail traffic also means larger diesel engines and we cannot have that either.

    Gee Jim, guess I need my own blog!

  2. JohnK
    JohnK says:

    If you own a collector car,  a hot rod, or a race car, better get that under lock and key and then hide the key.  You are next!

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