Rosemary’s Baby

Chris Matthews does not like it very much when you call the Democratic Party … the Democrat Party. He gets very very very offended. But … it’s OK to call attendees at CPAC … nuts? … and compare Newt Gingrich to Rosemary’s baby. But at least he asks the relevant question of the day … would you party with these people?


Party? All night long baby … all night long.

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  1. Country
    Country says:

    Chris Matthews is a moron and anyone listening to him is an idiot.  If everyone ignored his rantings he would dissapear into oblivion

    • rush
      rush says:

      His ratings are horrible.Oreilly has more viewers than all the

      liberal cable shows combined.

  2. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    Well, OK, Chris.  So from now on I'll refer to a member of the Democratic party as "a Democratic" as in "How are you and the other Democratics doing today?" or "I'm a Democratic, please don't ask me about the details, but I'd be happy to tell you how I feel about it." 😉

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Exactly.  The party is made up of weasels, er, I mean Democrats, not Democratics, just like the Republican party is made up of Republicans.  Are they victims of their own public school systems?

    I always get the feeling that Matthew's panties are riding up a bit uncomforatably into a wedgie conformation when I see him whining.

    Is the party of Cynthia McKinney really in a position to point the finger at anyone's base and call them nuts?

    • Wyndeward
      Wyndeward says:

      Throw in the anti-Democratic "super-delegates" who took the decision out of the hands of the their voters and put it in the hands of party insiders and the irony of calling them the "Democratic" party comes into stark relief…

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