Rosa DeLauro and Rahm Emanuel – Perfect Together

Well it beats having your kids still living in the basement.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro has received some attention lately for the apparent generosity of providing Obama’s chief of staff, former Rep. Rahm Emanuel, a place to crash in the capital. The Web reports have accused him of living illegally in her DC house.

Emanuel’s lodging would seem to constitute a gift, but a quick reading of House ethics rules suggests that members of Congress are not violating any rules when taking gifts from each other. Of course, he’s no longer a member of Congress .

and there’s more here.

Oh, but then, Emanuel is now serving under the supposedly stricter ethics regime of the Obama White House. Free rent from a Democratic pollster? Something doesn’t smell right — and it’s not just that usual basement mustiness.

But forget about any breaches of minor ethics rules. So Emanuel crashed with DeLauro and Greenberg for five years for free — who cares? What this really tells us is how hopelessly inbred Washington is. We just wish Emanuel had gotten fancier digs in the bargain.

Ok … maybe it’s not better than having the kids still living at home. At least you can get them to shovel the driveway.

Once again … H/T to Instapundit.

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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    The posted picture of DeLauro looks like “Fearless Leader” in the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon series.?? Life imitating art?

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