Ridgefield Tea Party Draws 300 – Media Ignores – Update:Video

Update: This video of the Tea party comes courtesy of one of our chat room chatters, “Wayne” via Michelle Malkin. Why do we care. Well Wayne writes:

Hello fellow Vice Borgs,
I found this you tube clip on Michele Malkins Blog site.  That is me speaking to the crowd. I found this you tube clip on Michele Malkins Blog site.  That is me speaking to the crowd.


My wife want[ed] a divorce.  Then when [she]saw that my pic wasn’t there…..all is good.
good game good game good game.

Another successful Obama Stimulus/Bailout/ Budget Tea Party. Grass roots organized, just like all of the others … the numbers continue to grow, and, oh yes, continue to be ignored by most of the members of the media.

We have scoured the local newspapers looking for coverage. The states largest newspapers (The Courant, The Register and The Post Update: The Connecticut Post did indeed cover the protest here.) apparently chose not to cover the event, but did choose to cover the 40 people at the AIG workers party protest. One more reason why newspapers continue to fail. Selective coverage.

This from the Ridgefield News-Times:

RIDGEFIELD — They carried signs, chanted slogans, urged motorists to honk horns — there was even a folk singer urging the audience to “take back” the country. Sounds like your average protest, right? The difference here — many of the protesters were political conservatives who had never felt it necessary to take to the streets before. And yet there they were, about 300 strong, lining both sides of Main Street in front of Ballard Park on Saturday for a “Tea Party” protest against President Barack Obama’s $3.5 trillion budget and the government’s effort to “stimulate” the sagging U.S. economy through spending.

“The primary focus is a concern over the direction the policies of the current administration are taking us,” said Andrew “Skip” March, a Ridgefield resident who helped organize the protest, news of which spread like wildfire on the Web.

Pam Fowler, state coordinator , sent me pictures and then sent this to me in an e-mail:

There are heroes in CT!  Mike, Chris, and Skip organized a Tea Party in Ridgefield, CT that drew about 300 people including folks from New York, New Jersey, and towns across Connecticut. These gentleman heeded a call of conscience for love of country, family, and our right to peacefully pursue our lives and livelihoods without undue interference from the government.
Lincoln wrote at Gettysburg, ‘the world will little note nor long remember what you say here…’  and we all know how that went!  Well, Connecticut is waking up, taking notice, and gaining a VOICE…!  Our message to politicians in Connecticut and Washington, you serve at our pleasure! And in case they think this was a fluke, other Tea Party heroes are planning Tea Parties across the state.  Stay tuned…


So let me get this straight. 40 labor, ACORN organized people deserve 40 members of the press  … 300 citizens protesting an overspending, overtaxing Congress … zippo. Very Nice.
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  1. Erik Blazynski on March 22, 2009 at 8:59 am

    My suggestion to these people is to wear black shirts and masks. They don't have to all be the same masks, just hide your faces. This does 2 things, it scares people, people pay attention when they they are scared, and also empowers the crowd..


  2. Darlene on March 22, 2009 at 10:25 am

    It is not our intent, Erik, to create fear.  That is exactly what our government officials have done to us.  They have caused us to fear them.  We were there to let them know we see what they are doing and we do not approve.  And we are gearing up to vote them out of office if they don't listen.  We will only grow stronger against this government takeover of our lives.  We were only 300 strong in Ridgefield, but we have only just begun. 

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