Revenge of TOTUS Part Deux – Update: Video

Sacre bleu! TOTUS finally reached the breaking point and joined his cousin TOVPUS and crashed to the floor in the middle of the President’s address on urban policy. Perhaps it was exhaustion. Perhaps it’s revenge.

Perhaps the whole Obama mythology is beginning to unravel. From Jake Tapper:

Midway through his speech on urban and metropolitan policy in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building this afternoon, one of his two small glass prompters came crashing down, hitting the wood floor and crashing in many pieces. It made quite a ruckus.

“Oh, goodness,” a startled President Obama said. “Sorry about that, guys.”
He then proceeded on with his remarks, “To pull our economy back from the brink, including the largest and most sweeping economic recovery plan in our
nation’s history…”

For the rest of the speech the president relied on the one remaining teleprompter, to his right, and notes on his podium to finish his speech.
Shards of glass remained near the president’s feet for the duration of his speech.

Update: Here’s the video from Real Clear Politics:


It’s not the first time an Obama administration teleprompter crashed under the pressure.


Your thoughts?

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  1. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    We are gathered here on this sad occasion to mourn the passing of the President's faithful friend, TOTUS. TOTUS's untimely death has reduced the entire White House staff to a state of inconsolable sorrow. The President is said to be wandering the building aimlessly, and appears incoherent in his grief.

    A red-eyed Robert Gibbs, his gleeful cackle silenced, was seen sobbing quietly in a corner of the Press Room before making the announcement. Even Helen Thomas maintained a respectful tone when questioning Gibbs as to whether there was any cover-up, and why the Press Corp was not informed immediately upon the first tinkling of shattering glass. David Gregory demanded to know if there is any truth to the rumors that the Clintons are behind TOTUS's fatal crash.

    TOTUS's last words will be emblazoned on his tombstone: "I, uh, yes and no, and on the other hand….."

  2. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    What the TOTUS needs is a vacation break with plenty of time to rest, get repaired, and recover from all the stress it has been put under by PBO.

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