Rev. Jesse Jackson’s free Internet for all dream pure fantasy

I’m never surprised about left-wing ideas. Just last week I wrote about the entitlement culture, pointing out true rights must exist simultaneously between people, and now Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. thinks broadband wireless access should be free. And of course, he uses the race card.

My guess is he does not read my stuff.  But that’s OK since it provides me the opportunity to write something quickly and point out another stupid idea from the left. From his Wall Street Journal Op Ed piece today. He starts off with this awesome gem of a sentence.

With a stroke of a pen, the Federal Communications Commission could connect millions of minorities and poor Americans to broadband.

I’m sorry … I just picked myself up from the floor after ROTFLMAO. Figure the acronym out yourself you Internet snob. I’m not even going to bother on the race component of the op ed, I’ll just use a few selected verses.

It is a well documented fact that in the United States there are two distinct groups: the broadband haves, and the broadband have nots. Recently the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration released a survey that found that over a third of people in this country do not access broadband at home. Nearly the same percentage do not have access to the Internet anywhere else.

This man – a leader in the community of lefty ideas – really thinks the FCC can step in and with a swipe of a pen connect millions of have nots to the Internet; with wireless broadband no less!

Jackson is disappointed many minorities do not have access to broadband, but in reality, he’s ticked off they have to pay for it just like everyone else. I’ve got the iPhone, I’ve got cable broadband Internet, but I can’t afford 3g wireless that would allow me to enjoy wireless Internet on my MacBook while my wife drives us up to Massachusetts to see the nephew and nieces.

So guess what? I don’t buy it.

Jackson’s colalition …

… has supported a proposal that the FCC should auction the AWS-3 spectrum band and require that the winner provide a free tier of broadband service nationwide. The auction winner would also have to construct the network on an expedited schedule, and stiff penalties would apply if it fails to meet the designated milestones.

He has the nerve to state the plan would not cost taxpayers anything. Of course not … the FCC will just demand private businesses provide a service they are certain to loose billions on.

The plan to establish a free nationwide network (first proposed in 2006) would put the spectrum band to immediate and productive use, ensuring that millions of Americans are not on the wrong side of the digital divide. What’s more, it wouldn’t cost taxpayers a dime.

Who the heck is going to pay to build this network? Does Jackson expect someone like Google, AT&T, or Verizon will step up and pay billions for the rights to this new wireless spectrum and then go out and build a network for free and then provide the service for free?

I learned as a kid there is no free lunch. Working in small business, I learned to be a good neighbor to the community but business was still business. You needed to make a profit to stay in business.

Jackson does not seem to operate on the same common business principles normal people operate on. Maybe he’s found his own wireless spectrum that operates outside of this universe.

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  1. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

    "that over a third of people in this country do not access broadband at home. Nearly the same percentage do not have access to the Internet anywhere else."

     Also roughly the same percentage of folks  exempt from income taxes, or get back more than they pay out.

     Of course the existing customers will pay for this,  just like the "paying customers" of health care. The sign you see in the E.R. or outpatient waiting room about those without the ability to pay will be posted on you Phone/ internet bill

     I see all of society's ills caused by those with no risk involved. Why not vote for these idiots when you have nothing to lose,  and might get more free stuff if you do???

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Last time I looked, anyone could go into a public library and get on the net.  Netbooks cost less than some IPhones and even some pairs of sneakers!  What is the big deal?  Is Jesse feeling a little unneeded (on top of the usual unwanted) nowadays?


    He should just go home and take care of his mistresses.

    • GdavidH
      GdavidH says:

      I think Mr. Jackson is jumping on the ORIGINAL proposal to build the infrastructure to supply broadband to areas not covered in the U.S.

        I forget which stimulus it was in but it was originally about $4 billion for physical equipment and transmission capability, in rural areas not highly populated by the minorities.

       He just doesn't WANT people to HAVE TO go to the library. Question is… do we buy them the equipment to use the broadband also?

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